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Patch & Oaks

4 guests

1 bedroom

1 bathroom


19 mins walk to Firenze S. M. Novella

Plum guide - Award Winner

This home is a Plum Guide award winner To win the Plum Award, homes must pass the Plum Home Test, which involves a personal visit from an independent Home Critic. Just 3% of homes make the cut.

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Home Critic’s notesHome Critic’s notes

Not far from the Santa Croce Basilica, as well as the river Arno, Patch & Oaks is in an enviable spot. Even those few hundred metres distance from the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio are...

  • Nearest bus stop

    2 mins walk

  • Firenze S. M. Novella

    19 mins walk

  • Taxis

    Local taxi / Uber available

Staying in Santa Croce

Santa Croce is a trendy, architecturally impressive neighbourhood that’s less busy than the Duomo or...

  • Nearest bus stop

    2 mins walk

  • Firenze S. M. Novella

    19 mins walk

  • Taxis

    Local taxi / Uber available

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Cleaning standards

The cleaning standards within Plum homes have always been high, but to ensure all our homes are COVID-19 safe, we have developed a new series of cleaning guidelines which every host is committed to following.

When booking a stay, you can rest assured our hosts have cleaned all hard surfaces with soap, warm water and used disinfectant products throughout, all whilst wearing a protective mask, gloves and shoe covers.

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Master bedroom

King bed

Size Guide

US Queen/ UK King


Coil spring

non riconoscibile






Bedroom decibel level 40db

Curtain, closet, bedside table

Communal areas

Sofa bed double

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Master bathroom
Walk in shower, WC

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Multiple sets of keys
Air conditioning
Central Heating
Buzzer / Wireless Intercom

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Normally at an additional cost. You can arrange these services directly with your host when you book.

Fridge Fills

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Valerio and his team manage several places around the city, and you can tell that they do this full-time. The professionalism and efficiency shine through, but never at the expense of friendliness.

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