The 11 Best Shopping Experiences in New York City

The words “New York” and “fashion” go hand in hand – there is no one without the other.

In general, New Yorkers are known for wearing sleek, black, urban designs. But just like the rest of us, they like to have fun with young designers and engage in experimental fashion, making vintage items and one-of-a-kind pieces highly sought after. The hardest part, however, is that New York has pretty extreme seasons, so dressing with a statement and simultaneously managing to stay warm (or cool) is this city’s biggest fashion conundrum.  


Therefore, we’ve consulted our experts and asked them to put together a list of their favourite shops in New York City, so that next time you’re visiting the city that never sleeps, you’ll actually have time to sleep. You’ll need it after hitting these insider hot spots. 

Like all good things, we’ll start our journey in Brooklyn. 

MALIN LANDAEUS Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Run by mother-daughter duo Malin and Nova Landeaus, you’ll find vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1980s in their colour-coded racks – a dream come true for the compulsively-organised and aesthetically-driven shoppers amongst us. Drop by their winsome shop for fantastic footwear, made in a time when shoes were an investment meant to last the years. Be gone throwaway fashion!

THE BREAK Greenpoint, Brooklyn 

Thank the heavens for Hannah Richtman, owner of the concept store The Break. With a distinct community feel, she has created a home for reworked vintage pieces and super-cool indie brands that are modern, high-quality and stupendously affordable. Head to Williamsburg’s trendy younger sister, Greenpoint, to get all of the latest fashion.

FENG SWAY Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Just around the corner from The Break, you’ll find yet another winner. Told you Greenpoint was Williamsburg’s cooler sister! Feng Sway is hard to miss with its mesmerizing pink palm tree and tropical entrance. Here you can get anything from vintage designer dresses, porcelain trinkets, hand-woven rugs and a huge selection of plants and planters. You can even rent the space for a party and they’ll throw in a costume station for dress up. Feng Sway, you say? More like Feng STAY!

Now hop on the train to Manhattan, where we’ll take shopping to the next level. 

FRANKIE SHOP Lower East Side, Manhattan

If you’ve not come across Frankie shop before, let us tell you, you are in for a treat. Go here for your city-lifestyle basics that are effortlessly cool with a touch of panache. Now you can channel New York City wherever you are in the world.

COMING SOON Lower East Side, Manhattan

And now into our comfort zone. If there’s one thing we know about, it’s just how important a home is. We truly believe that no matter how you decide to decorate it, it should be unique to YOU. Cue: Coming Soon. This beautifully curated home-goods store has everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your abode. From home accessories, vintage furniture, to special gifts for loved ones (or yourself), you’ll find it here.

WARM Nolita, Manhattan

Whether you’re reading this article in preparation for a trip or simply to escape your current reality, Warm in Manhattan’s Nolita will get you in the holiday spirit (and we don’t mean the Christmas kind). Taking inspiration from their many trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, and Barbados, the owners of Warm have successfully created a shop that will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island. Fluid silhouettes and bohemian vintage flair await you (note: this isn’t for the bargain shopper).

NO. 6 STORE Little Italy, Manhattan

If you’ve not heard, 2019 was the year of the clog. Yes, the clunky wooden shoe of Dutch origin is a bohemian fashion dream and the best place to find them in New York City? No. 6 in Little Italy. Along with their handmade shoes, European designers, and curated vintage pieces, you can find your best ready-to-wear styles here.

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THE WEBSTER Soho, Manhattan 

Get ready for the 12,000 square foot, six-floor, cast-iron building that is The Webster. Dedicated to bringing you the world’s most exclusive designers, each section has a distinct ambiance akin to the walk-in-closets of your wildest fantasies, curated with customised furnishings and modern art.

KIRNA ZABATE Soho, Manhattan

Over twenty years ago, Kirna Zabête opened in Soho and quickly became known as the candy store of designer fashion. Each item is personally selected by owner Beth Buccini, bringing her own unique and brilliantly loud fashion to us mere mortals. Think feathers, sequins and bold patterns.

WOLF & BADGER Soho, Manhattan

If you’re lazy (like we all are sometimes) Wolf & Badger is the place for you. Originally from London, these guys do all the hard work for you by finding and selecting the brands that are unique, inspired and most importantly, drop-dead gorgeous. With something for all ages and styles, their looks are brilliantly timeless.

NORDSTROM Midtown, Manhattan

Last, but certainly not least, we need to introduce you to Nordstrom’s new flagship store in Midtown. Spread across seven floors and with over 320,000 square feet of designer shoes, bags, dresses, beauty products and more, this is a shopper’s heaven just south of Central Park.

Now that we’ve got you all excited about the coolest place on earth (don’t argue), check out our ultimate guide to the best homes in the city. 

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