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Apartments in Borgo, Rome

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Top 20 Borgo, Rome vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

It's not always clear when places become popular tourist destinations. However, with Borgo, we know the exact date - 67AD when the apostle St Peter was martyred at the foot of the Vatican Hill and buried nearby. Over the next 2000 years his modest tomb would evolve into St Peter's Basilica, the centre of the Catholic Church and one of the most visited spots in Rome. Bordered by the Vatican and the Tiber, Borgo has therefore played host to cardinals and priests as well as pilgrims and Michelangelo lovers for centuries. The streets - each named borgo rather than via - run from the grandest avenues to the smallest capilleries, and tend to be rammed by day, and very quiet by night, making it ideal for anyone looking to get up early to queue for the Vatican Museums. Il Passetto is a must - an 800m tunnel built in 1277 to connect Vatican City with Castel Sant'Angelo to the north, it was used by two popes to escape the clutches of invading armies, and as a key plot device in Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. For great food, head to La Veranda known for its 15th century frescoed splendour and as a location for Sorrent