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Apartments in Campitelli, Rome

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Remember the old adage about Rome being a walkable museum? Campitelli, offering 360 degree immersion into more than two thousand years of Roman history. Its inexorable appeal to everyone from across the world means that you'll be hard pushed to see a local anywhere in sight, but it's also unlikely that you'll notice as you wander through the crucible of government and democracy in the footsteps of Caesar and Augustus. Visit the Forum at night, when it's emptier and the ancient walls are lit up with a light show chronicling the area's former glory. Come back in the daytime for a better look at the majestic Palatine Hill and the Farnese Aviaries, and to enjoy Michelangelo's bravura architectural displays in the Piazza Campidoglio. But if you want to make like a Roman, ignore Altare della Patria - a vivid white monstrosity completed in 1925 to celebrate the unification of Italy, and disparaged by the people for resembling a giant wedding cake.