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Apartments in Campo Marzio, Rome

Stay in Campo Marzio, Rome’s best luxury homes, short term accommodation and apartment hotels

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Top 20 Campo Marzio, Rome vacation rentals & luxury serviced apartments

Bordered by the Aurelian walls to the north and the Borghese gardens and Piazza di Spagna to the east, Campo Marzio is fed by the trio of wide avenues that spill out of the Piazza dei Popolo. Here, even more than elsewhere, the ancient and modern elements of Rome compete for impact, with landmarks like the 2000-year-old Mausoleum of Augustus dotted among Rome's best designer shopping. Things weren’t always so auspicious – in the 16th century, the area was Rome’s red light district, but today it’s better known for the vine-covered romance of Via Margutta, home to Gregory Peck's impoverished journalist in Roman Holiday. This is not the place to avoid tourists, so make your peace with the crowds and revel in the Caravaggios at Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo, admire Balthus' wall-painting techniques at Villa Medici, descend the Spanish Steps (built by the French, named for the nearby Spanish embassy), and visit the designer stores along Via del Babuino - named for the distinctive statue of the Greek deity Silenus.