Hello! We are Plum

Hello! We are Plum

A collection of the world's most professional, creative, inspiring spaces and hosts:
the New Hoteliers

The Plum Guide handpicks the world's most inspiring spaces and hosts. We do it by using a mix of algorithms and physical visits by hospitality experts.

We have an algorithm that searches the web for the highest reviewed properties from over 25 different sites. This gives us a shortlist of hosts that are satisfying their customers. We then manually go through this list and remove anything that is in a dull neighbourhood or that has poor design aesthetics. Now we have our shortlist.

Here is where the real work begins. We now go visit these shortlisted hosts. We get to know them and their style. And we test their space against 150 criteria. These range from things like shower pressure and quality of bedding, through to whether the host can recommend amazing restaurants and bars.

Roughly only 1 in every 100 spaces we look at get awarded a Plum Star.

Our mission to turn hosting into a celebrated art form


Recently, we made a discovery. A discovery that inspired us to no end. You could even say it changed our lives.

We discovered a new type of art. An art form as creative, inspiring and emotive as music, architecture or film.

It is the art of hosting

You see, emerging from the depths of the sharing economy is a new breed of hosts. Hosts that have thought about every piece of furniture, art and choice of bedding. Hosts that have carefully crafted end to end experiences for their guests. Hosts that are passionate, creative and totally plugged into their own town.

These hosts are not amateur flat sharers. Nor are they managers of dull apart hotels. They are artists.

Our goal is to shine a light on these artists. To show the world that the best of them are as talented and inspiring as a Michelin starred chef or an accomplished composer.

We help guests Find the world’s best spaces and hosts, in an instant

If you like staying in homes, apartments or lofts when you go on holiday, The Plum Guide is an amazing find.

If a home is listed on The Plum Guide, you know it is the best this town has to offer, for that price. Guaranteed!

By filtering, testing and testing again, we have removed the hit and miss nature of rented accommodation. We have handpicked for you only amazing homes and hosts.

Have a read about what it means to stay in a Plum property

We help hosts

Are you a host doing something special?

If so, we are sure you will recognise how hard it is to stand out in the sharing economy. Everyone has five stars and everyone has decent (often doctored) pictures. That means that hosts offering an experience far lesser than yours, get the same level of bookings and charge the same.

When customers see the Plum Mark they know, they won’t be disappointed. They know, you are one of the best experiences in this city. That is why hosts who get the Plum Mark enjoy more bookings, better rates and better guests.

If you think you are doing something truly unique:
let us know

Less booking platform, more trust mark

Yes, our site takes bookings. But what we really do, is give those hosts doing something truly amazing a “quality mark”. Hosts can use this quality mark on all their listings and all the sites they list on. For hosts, this is ideal, because it helps them get recognised wherever their guests like to find them. And for guests it is ideal, as we help you find the best, wherever you prefer to shop.

That is what The Plum Guide is all about. You can think of us as the Michelin Guide of the sharing economy.

Just a little crazy

You should see us evaluate a space. We have an unhealthy obsession with design aesthetics, comfort standards, service levels and what makes a good holiday stay. And we mean u.n.h.e.a.l.t.h.y! You will find us arguing for an hour about whether a living room is cosy enough for a group of six to spend a day lounging in. Or having a ferocious debate about what mattress brand provides the best night sleep.

So yes, we are a little crazy. And you kind of have to be to work at The Plum Guide. And if you are a little crazy too - a little too into design, hospitality and travel, we'd love to hear from you.

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