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Plum Guide is the world's leading curated home collection

Here's why.

Plum Guide has redefined the vacation rental landscape. We are the only platform that meticulously curates extraordinary homes worldwide on an unprecedented scale.

Our unique blend of home expertise, customer-centric focus, and cutting-edge AI technology has propelled us into an exceptional league of our own.

A one of a kind booking platform

The world’s largest collection of curated homes

Plum Guide is the only booking platform with 40,000+of the world’s most remarkable rentals.

Powered by “award-winning” AI technology

Build from scratch. Our AI backed curation model is unique to our business.

Rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot

Rated excellent for a reason. Need we say more?

Industry Innovators
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We proudly hold the title of Industry Innovators 2023, awarded by the Skift Idea Awards

Receiving industry recognition from the best in the field.

AI has allowed us to 4x our revenue per head

The results speak for themselves. By transitioning from human vetting to AI-backed curation, we've achieved an 85% reduction in home addition costs, quintupled the speed of adding homes, all while maintaining rigorous quality standards, leading to an outstanding 45% increase in conversion rates.

➛ Our model achieves a 91% match rate to the human eye

The journey began by training the model to align with our design standards—a staggering 91% match between AI judgement and our Design Director's discerning eye. Homes gaining AI approval then undergo a rigorous in-house home expert review—a fusion of human and machine perfection.

AI trained on data from more than 100,000 vetted homes

AI is now at the core of our business and will continue to shape Plum Guide’s future. We’ve built an unrivalled home product that allows us to continually meet the needs of the discerning traveller - guaranteeing quality, managing expectations and delivering service at scale.

“Plum Guide stands out for its selective list of properties”

The New York Times

30,000 remarkable homes in 500 locations worldwide

Plum Guide is now the leader in handpicked global rentals. With over 30,000 of the world's most remarkable homes, operating in over 30 countries and 500 locations worldwide.

And there's more to come. We're gearing up to launch in 60 new destinations by the end of 2024.

Press quotes

Our community

We succeed by partnering with the most customer centric hosts and brands on the planet

We put our success down to partnership. At the heart of our business we collaborate with remarkable hosts who understand how to deliver the most unique and special experience in the home. We’ve scaled by working with brands who share our fascination with delivering the finest quality customer experience. From the Financial Times, to Net-a-Porter to Amex.


"Teaming up with Plum Guide for a strategic partnership was a no-brainer.

Their strong reputation in the industry is well-known, and it was clear from the start that this collaboration would be a mutually beneficial alliance. With shared audience interests and brand values, it's no wonder this partnership has been successful, seamlessly connecting the worlds of hotels and rentals."

Mark Fedeli, Marketing & Editorial Director at Tablet Hotels

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Trustpilot Reviews

What hosts say:

“Working with Plum Guide has truly been a really positive journey for me as a host and property manager.

I remember the early days when, just weeks after my company's launch, we secured our very first booking through Plum Guide. It was such an exciting moment and a testament to the platform's effectiveness. Since then, we've seen a steady stream of bookings, some of which have been among our best.

What sets Plum Guide apart is the personal touch. The platform's commitment to high-value and long-duration bookings has been a game-changer for us.”

Emily Bruce-Watt, Managing Director of Air Peace of Mind

What guests say:

“So much better than Airbnb.

Had a fantastic experience renting a home via Plum Guide. Host was amazing, the home was gorgeous - it felt like a home rather than a rental property thrown together. I will definitely be booking through Plum Guide going forward!“

— Natalie

"Great experience, immaculately picked properties

Boy did they deliver! The property was cheaper than other platforms, photos and description was much better. Plum Guide, you are top of my list."

— Alex

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Plum Guide's Shortyz awards 2023

Awarded ‘Industry Innovators’ & ‘Booking platform of the year’.

But don't just take our word for it. Our exceptional achievements have been promptly acknowledged by renowned industry leaders such as Skift and ShortTermRentalz. We proudly hold the titles of Industry Innovators (Skift Idea Awards), the recipient of the Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023, Most Effective Use of Social Media 2024 and the highly prestigious Best Online Travel Agency for two consecutive years 2023 & 2024 (Shortyz).

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In the press

AI insights:Generative AI to vet rental homes — Read in PhocusWire, August 2023 Can AI Tell You if a Home is Beautiful? — Read in Skift, June 2023 Our verdict on Plum Guide: the luxury version of Airbnb — Read in Harper's Bazaar, March 2023

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