Venice, the 'City of Canals'

Every Plum Guide home is meticulously selected through our testing process

We find and award the world’s best homes. It’s the travel industry’s most coveted trust mark.

Cast your mind back to the last time you tried to book accommodation online.

We’ve all been there. You head to a booking platform, put in your dates, and before you know it, you’re knee-deep into review number 49, trying to figure out whether Paolina’s comments about the pillows in that home in Milan really is the dealbreaker, she says it is.

You don’t know who to trust. You don’t know which of the thousands of options to book. The whole thing ends up taking a painful amount of time, and until you open that door on arrival day, you just don’t know if what you see is what you’re going to get.

So thank you internet for the quantity, but it’s high time we turn the corner to quality.

In the same way that restaurants have the Michelin Star, and books have the New York Times Bestseller List, vacation homes now have the Plum Award.

When you book with Plum Guide, you can book in the confidence that:

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What you see is what you’ll get

Every nominated and awarded home on Plum Guide has been subject to a meticulous, multi-stage vetting process. We’re taking the headache and anxiety out of booking a home. Book with us for peace of mind.

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You’ll never pay more

We do the hard work for you and price match daily. Our price checking algorithm makes sure that you won’t find the homes listed on Plum Guide cheaper on another platform for the same dates.

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You’ll get personal service

Our customers rave about our customer support team. They are on hand 7 days a week to help find you the perfect stay, and solve any issues in-stay should your host not be available.

Founder's StoryFeatured home: “The Tortoise Shell”, New York

Featured home: “The Tortoise Shell”, New York

It all started with the question: “What if?”

Our founder Doron went on a vacation in Tel Aviv. The home he booked was so incredible, he felt like he had won the lottery. “What if every travel experience was like this?” he thought. “Why shouldn’t it be? Vacations are so precious, the place you choose to stay shouldn’t feel like an anxious lottery.”

Imagine if we could promise to customers that they’d never get it wrong. Doron brought together a panel of travel specialists, interior designers, and psychologists to work together to unlock the science behind the perfect stay.

The resulting criteria made up the Plum Test, now in its 5th iteration: a set of 150 criteria through which we assess and extract the Official Selection of the best vacation homes. So you, and everyone else can book a home from Plum Guide with total confidence and peace of mind.

Leadership TeamFeatured home: “Thermae”, Florence

Featured home: “Thermae”, Florence

Meticulous. Scrupulous. Perfectionist.

About us > Leaders > Doron

Doron Meyassed Co-Founder & CEO

In 2008 Doron founded Promise Communities (now C Space): a company specialising in solving brand, innovation and insight challenges through mass online collaboration. In eight years, he grew it into a 140+ person leading innovation agency delivering programs for the likes of Twitter, Spotify and more. Doron now lives and breathes travel. Having moved country every few years and having a total undetectable accent, no one is really sure where Doron is from. He is also into some seriously bizarre music no one can quite understand, but that won’t stop him trying to explain.

About us > Leaders > Imran

Imran Arshed Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Imran has built and led the development of large scale platforms of e-commerce and e-CRM systems for the likes of BBC, Bacardi, Berghaus, Laphroaig and Russian Standard. A problem solver at heart, Imran was writing code in his teens on an Amiga 500. From there, he went on to work with consulting firms, agencies and startups and held the notable leadership positions of Director and CTO. When not coding, you can find Imran at Cafe OTO listening to white noise.

About us > Leaders > Graham

Graham Foulds Head of Marketplace

This is Graham’s first foray into the world of startups. Before Plum Guide, he spent his career in management consulting and new product development. He specialised in travel and hospitality, working on innovation projects for Etihad Airways, and Air France-KLM. He then set up an Open Innovation engine for the agencies in the marketing and communications giant, Omnicom Group. Originally from Canada, bagels are his favourite food and he’s on a relentless hunt to find a Montreal-style bagel in London (Monty’s is his current frontrunner).

About us > Leaders > Iona

Iona Carter Head of Brand

A former Planner at Sony Music’s creative agency, Iona worked for labels including Simon Cowell’s SYCO, Columbia and RCA Records, developing brand positioning and marketing strategies for priority international artists like Daft Punk, One Direction and Beyoncé. She’s also worked in consultancy, led business development at a luxury travel company and founded her own cold brew tea business. She loves tea and all things Japanese.

About us > Leaders > Christoph

Christoph Meirose VP of Growth

Christoph joined Plum Guide in Jan 2020 and is responsible for developing innovative and data-driven approaches to customer acquisition and retention. Prior to Plum Guide, he was the global VP of Customer Acquisition at Farfetch for four years where he helped the business to become the #1 in-season luxury player online with over 2 million active customers. Before joining Farfetch, Christoph worked at the OTA giant Expedia for 10 years where he held various roles in Online Marketing, being based in Munich, London, Singapore and Seattle.

About us > Leaders > Susie

Susie Harris General Counsel

After starting her career with an international law firm, Susie has worked at fast-paced high growth tech companies. At Skype, she focussed on brand protection and was part of the team that sold the company to Microsoft. She later moved to King, the makers of hit game Candy Crush, and saw immense growth ultimately leading to its IPO and later sale to Activision Blizzard. At King, her final role was CLO and part of the management team. When she’s not red-lining documents, she loves scuba diving in remote places and is partial to a cryptic crossword.

About us > Leaders > Joe

Joe Adams Chief Financial Officer

Joe Adams studied Music and sang in a choir, but that’s only half the story, finding his true calling with numbers and spreadsheets. After training in specialised practice followed by a few years in recorded music and startups he joined King just as Candy Crush was about to become a hit. A year after their IPO he left to join Space Ape Games. Three years later Space Ape successfully sold to Supercell / Tencent, the only names bigger than King in mobile gaming. In September 2018 he joined The Plum Guide, where following their £14M Series B raise in Feb 2019, he’s started to build a team, created a detailed city by city reporting, a robust reporting structure, claimed serious tax credits, and focussed on forecasting. As CFO he’s taken on ops, legal and HR; all the fun.

Our Journey so farFeatured home: “Performance”, Lisbon

Featured home: “Performance”, Lisbon

We launched in 2016 in London, and since then we’ve expanded to hundreds of destinations across Europe, the UK & the USA

We’ve put over 500,000 homes through the Plum Guide vetting process since launch and developed a customer experience that’s returning the highest NPS scores in the hospitality sector. Most importantly, we have built a team of exceptionally talented and passionate people who we are proud to work alongside each day.

We are backed by some of the world’s top VCs and angel investors. Between them, they have helped make successes of the likes of TransferWise, Citymapper, BuzzFeed, Appear Here, Graze, Depop, Gymbox, Secret Escapes to name a few.