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We think "stickler" is a compliment

The world's most meticulous home test

To win the Plum Award, homes must pass all 4 stages of The Plum Test, culminating in a personal home visit from an independent Home Critic.

How does it work?

  1. Every time we launch a new destination, we create a database of all the homes available.
  2. We then systematically review every home, and shortlist the ones with great design, with great reviews, in great locations.
  3. After a host interview, the top contenders are nominated for the Plum Award. These are our up and coming homes.
  4. To win the Plum Award, a home needs to complete two final stages: it must delight a Plum Guide guest, and it must pass the Plum Home Test, conducted by an independent Home Critic.

One of the rare times you’ll see a Plum Guide Home Critic putting their feet, er, flippers, up.

Nominated homes are our up-and-coming homes that have passed 3 out of the above 4 stages.

Awarded homes are homes that have passed all 4 of the above stages. To win the Plum Award, a home needs to delight a Plum Guide guest, and pass the Plum Home Test.

Featuring 150 criteria

The 150 criteria of the Plum Test range include 'measurable' criteria like WiFi speed and decibel levels in the bedroom, as well as soft 'feel' criteria like the design aesthetic and the sociability of the space. These criteria represent Plum Guide's “Science Behind The Perfect Stay”.

How did we develop it? By interviewing expert psychologists, designers, hoteliers, architects and of course, regular travellers. It all started with one simple question: what makes a perfect stay?

Too hot, too cold or too obsessive?

For best-in-class quality you can trust

As a guest, it means we've done the hard work for you. We've taken the hit-and-miss out of choosing. If it's on Plum Guide, you can expect consistent, high quality standards.

As a host, it allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your home, and suggest improvements to meet best-in-class standards if relevant. The Plum Award helps your home stand out from the crowd and get the recognition and bookings it deserves.

What the duck witnessed in this bathroom stays strictly between the duck and our Home Critic...

Why do homes fail the Plum Test?

Our Home Critics spend at least two hours in every awarded home. If something’s not right, they'll find it...

Illustration > Smell

An unpleasant smell A room with a view of a canal, that unfortunately also smelled of a canal

Illustration > Mattress

A mattress of poor quality A beautiful four-poster bed that we reclassified as a hammock due to its saggy mattress

Illustration > Magnify glass - right

Wear and tear The furniture and condition of the home should be in working order and of good quality

Illustration > Noise

A noisy street you can hear from the bedroom A home so ‘conveniently’ close to the action that you’d wake up with jet lag

Illustration > Communication

An unresponsive or unreliable host A host who was so unresponsive we almost opened a missing person case

We continuously monitor the quality of the homes listed on Plum Guide

Illustration > Monitor quality