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Here at The Plum Guide we're systematically vetting every single holiday home from over 25 booking sites. Having reviewed tens of thousands of homes, we have accepted only 11947. Every single one of them passed all 150 criteria of the Plum In-Person Test.

We love working for our partners. And we can't wait to share our beautiful homes with you and your clients.

Why you'll love being a Plum Partner

  1. Give your client the best

    788529 homes vetted, 11947 selected. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to.

  2. A perfect stay guaranteed

    We've cracked the science behind what makes a great stay. We sweat every last detail in our vetting process, testing homes against 150 criteria.

  3. Earn 7.5% Commission

    Sign up and get 7.5% commission automatically (on the amount payable to the Host)

  4. We'll do the heavy lifting, at lightning speed

    You'll get a personal account manager. They will help you find the right homes, negotiate the best price and send you unbranded home info-packs, all in under two hours.

  5. Always good value

    We hate being ripped off. Luxury shouldn't mean overpriced. Our Good Value Index ensures we reject overpriced homes.

  6. Never nasty surprises

    We always share the lows of the home. We have collected over 500 data points on each home. And our account managers are never bonused on sales, only on customer satisfaction scores.

How to become a plum travel partner

  1. Fill in your details

  2. We review

    At this point, one of two things happen:

    • You'll qualify for our 7.5% commission rate and immediately receive a code allowing you to book and get paid (read our T&Cs here).
  3. You become a partner

    Hurahh! You are a partner. You will:

    • Get assigned a personal account manager.
    • Get your partner code, allowing you to get paid.