Living room with bookshelf against wall

Meet the home critics

Ideas for Home Libraries: Homes in Our Good Books

Wondering what to do with your stacks (and stacks) of books? Take a look at our top ideas for home libraries, inspired by a curated collection of Plum Guide homes, of course.

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High Desert Mirage and surrounding area, Plum Guide home in Joshua Tree

New locations

Escape to the Desert: Some Favourites from California

When it comes to a desert escape, you can't get much better than the Californian retreats of Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. Take a look at some of our best homes in the area – you can't really get much better than these either.

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Bedroom in Parisian Elegance, Plum Guide home in London

Design guides

How to Style Your House Like a Hotel

Looking to bring the luxury of a five-star suite to the comfort of your home? Here's how to style your house like a hotel, monogrammed bathrobes and all.

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