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Where to Stay in Milan with Kids

Our expert guide to taking on Milan with your family.


Milan, Italy

Travelling to Milan with the bambini in tow? The fashion, design and business capital of Italy, this city may not be the most obvious place to bring your kids, but it’s certainly one they can enjoy and learn from. And thanks to this expertly curated list of where to stay in Milan with kids, you’ll swiftly and easily find the neighbourhood that’s right for you and your clan, whether you want to stay somewhere quiet and residential or in a buzzy cultural hub.

Our picky Plum Guide home critics have worked hard testing each aspect of every apartment on our site, so you know when you choose where to lay your head, it’s going to have a mighty fine pillow and beyond. These flats are luxurious, well designed and ready for you to spend your holiday lounging on their cosy furniture and sipping espresso from their well-stocked kitchens.


Topping the list of where to stay in Milan with kids is the picturesque Sempione neighbourhood. Named for the vast, leafy park that dominates the district this is the perfect area to stroll around with the kids and let them enjoy the outdoors. The park itself, which used to be a forest until it was transformed by Napoleon (that guy really got around) is the expansive garden of the Sforzesco Castle. A tranquil neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, your little princes and princesses will love calling this place home for a few days.

And as for you parents, there’s something in this for you too. In the south of the park, you’ll find contemporary art hub La Triennale di Milano where you’ll be thrilled to spend a few hours entrenched in contemporary art and design.

This bright and airy flat is the perfect place to stay for you and your little ones. You’ll be within walking distance to many restaurants and bars and with fewer tourists around here you’ll practically feel like locals. (At least until you open your mouth).

Coral Shore, Plum Guide home in Milan

Coral Shore, Plum Guide home in Milan

Castello and Triennale

On the other side of Parco Sempione lies the Castello & Triennale area, which also makes our list of where to stay in Milan with kids. You’ll feel right at home in this posh neighbourhood, full of elegant historic houses and rich people just like you – only with better accents (sorry). Located on the north-western edge of the historic city centre, this area is named for the 15th century Castello Sforzesco, which if you were paying attention you’ll note we mentioned earlier. The castle itself makes a great spot to explore with the kiddos, if you're looking for things to do with kids in Milan.

Stay here to be in easy walking distance to the city centre, its tourist attractions and buzzy vibe, while still feeling worlds away. Local Plum Guide gem La Perla boasts a home library, a beautiful balcony and stylish interiors.

La Perla, Plum Guide home in Milan

La Perla, Plum Guide home in Milan

Tre Torri

Safety comes first when we’re talking about where to stay in Milan with kids, and this is why Tre Torri makes the cut. The neighbourhood is named after the three contemporary skyscrapers that stand proudly there - Il Dritto (The Straight One), Lo Storto (The Twisted One) and Il Curvo (The Curved One) - and is also located outside the historic city centre and in the north-west of the city. Though this part of Milan may not be trendy, it is lovely, and we both know that’s what really matters.

Past the skyscrapers lies a peaceful, residential area. Go for a stroll while checking out the beautiful old buildings that line the quiet, tree-lined streets. After a long day of sightseeing and chasing after your children, you can’t not appreciate coming home to serene Tre Torri.

Lisztomania, Plum Guide home in Milan

Lisztomania, Plum Guide home in Milan

If you’re looking for somewhere slightly more buzzy, while still not being smack dab in the middle of the city, try this quirky flat in the Zona Buenos Aires area.


For you more bohemian parents, why not try Brera when choosing where to stay in Milan? This is basically the equivalent of Paris’s Montmartre, except people will be better dressed because hey, this is Milan.

Home to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the world-famous Pinacoteca di Brera, this is the perfect spot to lay down holiday roots if you want to be surrounded by arts and culture. The neighbourhood is hip, artistic and chock full of charming restaurants and cafes. It is the most exclusive place to stay in the city and the best part? It’s right in the city centre.

Long cobbled roads are perfect for an evening stroll and the many local shops and galleries mean you’ll never be short on opportunities to exercise your credit card, which we both know is your favourite sport. Enjoy a spritz (or three) in one of the many local piazzas while the kids sip on lemonade and stare at their phone screens. Ah, youth. How strange they are. (And if you’re really thinking that beware as you’re starting to sound like your in-laws).

Ursa Major, Plum Guide home in Milan

Ursa Major, Plum Guide home in Milan

Now you know where to stay in Milan with kids, it's time to book your accommodation. Plum Guide's lodgings are professionally vetted by our fastidious home critics, so whether you'd prefer a chic, spacious flat or this minimalist apartment, you know you're in for a great night's sleep in a Plum Guide home.

Meridian, Plum Guide home in Milan

Meridian, Plum Guide home in Milan

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