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The Safest Areas to Stay in Milan

Take a look at our curated guide to the best and safest Milanese neighbourhoods around


Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, Palazzo Dugnani, Milan

Leaving on a jet plane to the north of Italy? Thanks to our curated list of the safest areas to stay in Milan, you can stop worrying about where to stay in the city and start planning where to eat your first pasta instead. Here at Plum Guide, we've done all the hard work for you, so you can just put your feet up and enjoy discovering where to take your family in this famous Italian city.


Out of all of your friends, would you say you’re the reliable one? You know the type: plays it safe but never disappoints. If so, consider Duomo the ideal home base for staying in Milan. Not only is it among the safest areas to stay in Milan, but it is also incredibly central, so there are lots of things to do without ever having to leave the area. The area, named after its instantly recognisable Gothic cathedral, is home to a handful of expertly vetted Plum Guide homes, so you don't need to walk far to see the sights.

The Palazzo Reale (the city’s former Royal Palace) and the Museo del Novecento, dedicated to 20th-century Italian art, are both next door to the majestic Duomo cathedral. Other highlights include the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which dates back to 1861 and holds the title of Italy’s oldest active shopping mall. What better excuse to buy yourself a chic new outfit for an evening at Milan’s famed La Scala opera house, which conveniently is also just a few steps away.

Duomo Giallo, Plum Guide home in Milan

Duomo Giallo, Plum Guide home in Milan


Live like a well-heeled local in Brera, one of the loveliest neighbourhoods and safest areas to stay in Milan. The picturesque outdoor squares ,typical of the area, are dotted with cafes perfect for a morning cappuccino and cornetto (Italian for croissant) or, of course, an aperitivo as the sun begins to set over the city.

If you’re an art person, don’t miss the Pinacoteca where you can admire works by Caravaggio, Tintoretto and Rubens while building up an appetite for dinner at one of Brera’s many delicious restaurants on your food tour through Milan. In the same building, you’ll find one of Italy’s largest national libraries, the Biblioteca Braidense, which is also worth a visit especially if you fancy yourself a bit of a nerd scholar.

If this sounds boring to you, head straight to the Orto Botanico di Brera, Milan’s Botanical Garden. Dating back to the late 1700s, this slightly wild and unkempt natural oasis in the heart of the city is the perfect place to unwind and take some light-filled family photos.

Toc-Toc, Plum Guide home in Milan

Toc-Toc, Plum Guide home in Milan


In the northern part of the city, just behind Garibaldi station, is Isola (for those who took Italian classes and didn’t pay attention, this means island). This former ramshackle neighbourhood has become one the city's trendiest - and safest - places to stay in Milan.

Visiting Milan with kids? Isola is the perfect place to stay if you want your kids to think you’re cool while also feeling reassured about your safety. Home to upscale boutiques, fine dining and buzzy nightlife, there’s no way you’ll want to head straight home after dinner. Just remember to leave yourself enough time to nurse your hangover in the morning. Need we remind you you aren’t at college anymore, no matter how much this hip neighbourhood might make you feel young. If you are going to wake up hungover, do yourself a favour and wake up in this our exclusive home Bergen - the pastel colours and minimal furnishings will soothe your sore head in no time.

Bergen, Plum Guide home in Milan

Bergen, Plum Guide home in Milan

Isola is also famous for its vintage boutiques, stocking high-end designer clothes and bags at friendly enough prices. You are in the fashion capital of the world, after all, so take our advice and start swiping that credit card.


Creatives: sometimes you may wonder why you didn’t become a doctor or a lawyer but don’t worry, those fears will subside in Tortona where you’ll be surrounded by people just like you. An affluent centre for creativity and culture, Tortona is also one of the safest places to stay in Milan.

Once a year, Milan Design Week takes over the neighbourhood and transforms it into a festival for furniture. So yes, this is the neighbourhood where your Plum Guide pad may well boast a floating circular bed or origami bookshelf, a la Lago di Tortona. If this sounds like your particular brand of perfect, look no further.

Lago di Tortona, Plum Guide home in Milan

Lago di Tortona, Plum Guide home in Milan

The good news is that outside of Design Week, the area is fairly quiet, hence a great place to stay with family. Tree-lined streets are home to modern houses, charming cafes, art galleries, and trendy boutiques. Don’t miss a visit to Mudec, a restored factory turned sleek museum of arts and culture.

Porta Romana

Porta Romana, Milan’s hipster central, is another great shout for those of you continuing to convince yourselves you’re still young. It’s even home to Milan’s famous Club Plastic, once described by Andy Warhol as ‘one of the best clubs in the world’. This artsy enclave is divided in two parts. On one side are elegant residential buildings climbing from wide, leafy avenues, fancy restaurants and fashion showrooms. On the other side you’ll find lively city blocks home to great bars and outdoor markets. The world-renowned contemporary art destination Fondazione Prada is also located here - your teenagers will do whatever you say once you tell them the on-site cafe was designed by Wes Anderson. For the foodies, make sure to check out Cascina Cuccagna, a delicious farm-to-table restaurant set in an 18th-century farmhouse and its adjoining gardens.

Ocean Depths, Plum Guide home in Milan

Ocean Depths, Plum Guide home in Milan

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