The Safest Areas to Stay in Rome

Enjoy a stress-free stay in Rome in one of these ultra-safe neighbourhoods.


Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy

Andiamo a Roma. As you dream of riding a Vespa past the colosseum Roman Holiday style, or of idly pacing the Via Condotti in a perfectly tailored suit, the last thing you want is your fantasy interrupted by a pickpocket. While Rome is mostly a safe city, we at Plum Guide have done our homework to provide you with this list of the safest places to stay in Rome.


You can’t get more central, swankier or safer than the area around Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo. Book your stay at a Plum Guide-vetted apartment, such as the charming Wisteria Vine, and you’ll not only be staying in one of the poshest parts of the city but you’ll also be seconds from high-end boutiques, art galleries, the glorious Spanish Steps and more.

Wisteria Vine, Plum Guide home in Rome

Wisteria Vine, Plum Guide home in Rome

Start your day with a cappuccino at Antico Caffè Greco, the city’s oldest coffeehouse. You’ll be sipping alongside the Italian capital’s most well-dressed businessmen, but don’t forget this spot once hosted Keats, Byron and other renowned literati. In fact, Keats’ former Roman pad is right across the piazza. Reconnect with your former poetry-obsessed, broke uni student self – before reminding yourself why you took the corporate job with a spending spree at Via Condotti’s many luxury designer shops.

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

A view of the Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Spagna is not only one of the safest areas to stay in Rome, but so posh you’ll feel like the Roman elite. Plus, you’re within easy access of everywhere else you may want to go.


Offering a phenomenal location in the historic centre, the area surrounding the famed Pantheon is also among the safest places to stay in Rome. One of the oldest Roman neighbourhoods, the roads around here are small and winding and lead to even smaller hidden streets. This is the perfect place to get lost with your better half, especially if you’re in the mood for some Italian inspired romance.

The Pantheon, Rome, Italy

The Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Both the Vatican and Trastevere neighbourhoods are within walking distance and it’s also just a few minutes stroll to the Trevi Fountain. A perfect spot if you're in Rome with kids: sit in the sun with a gelato while they take fountain selfies to their hearts’ content. Don’t be fooled by throwing a coin in and making a wish - no matter what you do, you can’t get any younger (sorry).

How about waking up to views of the Pantheon for a truly unforgettable stay? Plum Guide's Pantheon Vista does what it says on the tin: it's directly opposite the the famed Roman temple turned Catholic church from which the neighbourhood takes its name.

Pantheon Vista, Plum Guide home in Rome

Pantheon Vista, Plum Guide home in Rome

Campo de’ Fiori

Not far from Pantheon is one of Rome’s most renowned public squares, Campo de’ Fiori, which literally means field of flowers. Home to a daily market selling everything from flowers, fruits and vegetables to souvenirs and mementos, it can be quite touristy but is also utterly charming and one of the safest places to stay in Rome.

Book into a Plum Guide-vetted home and you’ll feel like you're living in a movie set with a home away from home in this neck of the woods. It’s picturesque, authentic and right in the heart of Rome’s historic centre. You’ll also find an astounding concentration of excellent places to eat around here too, from tantalising local Roman trattorias to Michelin star restaurants.

Campo De Fiori Market, Rome, Italy

Campo De Fiori Market, Rome, Italy

Don’t miss a traditional Roman pizza bianca from local haunt Forno Campo de’ Fiori. The historic bakery is known for their olive oil-brushed pizza served piping hot from the oven.


On the right bank of the Tiber river lies artsy Trastevere. An Instagrammer’s paradise, and a popular haunt for young adults, staying within this photogenic maze of medieval side roads and Ivy covered walls will score major points with your kids who basically won’t even have to leave the house for a killer photo backdrop. Once home to the city’s artisans and artists, this neighbourhood has become quite touristy, but it remains authentic in feel and is among the safest areas to stay in Rome.

After wandering the charming streets to your heart’s content, don’t miss the stupendous and ornate Villa Farnesina. The Renaissance villa dates back to the 1500s and boasts original frescoes by Raphael. If that little fact doesn’t impress your in-laws, then surely nothing will.


Testaccio is a newly hip area, perfect for eaters, drinkers and history nerds buffs. Its central hill, Monte Testaccio, is in fact an artificial hill composed almost entirely of fragments of broken ancient Roman pottery dating back to the Roman Empire.

Despite its trendy status, this neighbourhood remains ultra authentic and is known for its bustling street market and innumerable Roman trattorias serving the real deal cucina romana. Carnivores should know that many of Rome’s classic meat dishes originated here as the outskirts of the neighbourhood once housed the local slaughterhouse.

Testaccio also gets lively in the evening so throw caution to the wind and stay out past your bedtime. You're on holiday after all – and how else will you burn off all that pasta? After a night on the town, you can always retire to a cosy Plum-picked home, such as this sweet little flat.

Take Flight, Plum Guide home in Rome

Take Flight, Plum Guide home in Rome


Perched atop the southernmost of Rome’s seven hills is the Aventino neighbourhood, an elegant residential area of stylish villas and oasis-like gardens. Staying here is a welcome escape from the chaotic city centre, though the area is also home to a multitude of worthwhile historical sites and authentic Roman restaurants.

Explore the local churches in relative peace and quiet, as there will be fewer tourists staying here than the more central parts of the city. You’ll feel like a local peering into the Basilica of Santa Sabina, one of the earliest Christian churches dating back to AD 425. Nearby Savello Park is among the best spots in Rome to catch the sunset thanks to its West facing panorama of the city. Cycling enthusiast? Rent a bike so you can cruise between the area’s ancient monuments, Baroque squares and Renaissance palaces.

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