The Best Places to Stay in Rome for Young Adults

From foodie Testaccio to charming Trastevere, here are the best neighbourhoods for young adults to enjoy in Rome.


Trastevere, Rome

Rome might seem like a city of the past, with the pomp and ceremony of the Vatican and towering ancient ruins, but that’s far from true; it’s a city firmly lodged in the present, and one you need to visit in future. So we here at Plum Guide are helping you discover the best places to stay in Rome for young adults, curated for everyone from gastronomic gourmands to cocktail connoisseurs.


Quickly - close your eyes and picture your dream holiday in Rome. Now open them. (Side note: how are you even reading this?) If your ideal trip involves heaped cones of gelato, thin slices of Roman pizza eaten hastily from a napkin and a bowl of steaming carbonara arriving at your table after a long day exploring, then you have to stay in Testaccio. Take our word for it: this district, once home to the city’s slaughterhouses and factories, is now the very pinnacle of Roman cuisine. With deference to the area’s history, offal is the name of the game -- Checchino dal 1887 does an incredible oxtail stew for the adventurous eater. Pickier patrons can enjoy a plate of salamis and cheeses from the Volpetti deli. No matter your tastes, you must head to the ancient food market - the stallholders may be surly, but they know their stuff and any of the small dishes, produce or jars of goodies you buy here are sure to impress even your snobbiest friends. With a local, bohemian vibe and plenty of places to eat, drink and make merry, Testaccio is best places to stay in Rome for young adults...and anyone else wanting to indulge in the ultimate Roman food tour, for that matter.


Trastevere is another one of the best places to stay in Rome for young adults; found on the west bank of the Tiber, it may be a little out of the centre but it’s certainly not out of the action. A bustling hub of street food like Trapizzino’s pizza cones and arancini-like suppli, filled with trendy eateries and oh-so-chic shops, Trastevere is more than worth a visit.

But perhaps the main reason that this area draws in these bright young things is the excellent nightlife. (So if you're celebrating a birthday in Rome, this could be the place for you.) At Plum Guide, we certainly appreciate a good cocktail -- so you can trust us when we say that Trastevere’s Freni e Frizioni serves up the very best in the city. Their innovative menu changes constantly, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to return for another drink or two ten. Other worthy venues to check out include Enoteca Ferrara (a charming little wine bar that’s fundamentally Roman) and 404 Name Not Found (no, you don’t need your computer checking -- that’s the name of this impossibly cool cafe-bar hybrid). For young adults searching for an authentic night out in Rome, Trastevere is unmissable. A word to the wise; if you’re booking a Plum Guide apartment in this lively area, consider choosing one that’s slightly away from the main streets. You’ll thank us when you see the hoardes of partiers dancing, drinking and mangling pop songs on the pavements at all hours.

A piazza in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

A piazza in Trastevere, Rome, Italy


If you’re the type of person who sets an alarm even when you’re on holiday, then Monti is for you. This area is slap bang in the middle of the action, meaning you won’t miss out on a second of your Rome trip. It’s one of the best places to stay in Rome for young adults, especially if you veto the dodgy hostels and go for a chic Plum Guides property instead. Yes, you might be tempted to sleep in, but resist the urge and you’ll be careening those cobbled streets of Rome’s historic centre before the rest of the tourists in the city even have their first cup of coffee. Monti is the best area for young adults on their first trip to Rome (or even their first trip abroad) as it’s close to the main attractions like the Colossem, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum. More hipster than history buff? Don’t stress; Monti is filled with bohemian bars teeming with students and squares crammed with people enjoying a spritz and a sunset.

Street, Pantheon, Rome, Italy, Architecture, Facade

Street, Pantheon, Rome, Italy, Architecture, Facade


You can only stop and admire so many Roman ruins before they stop looking like architectural wonders of the ancient world and start to look like rather unimpressive, crumbling piles of rocks. (Sorry, Rome.) Avoid desensitisation by staying in one of the city's more modern areas, rather than the historical centre. Many of the quartiere surrounding the city offer a glimpse into a more authentic Rome, but Flaminio to the north is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Rome for young adults. Sitting on the bank of the river Tiber, it’s the undisputed home of modern art in the city so if you’re sick of staring at baby angels, head to the MAXXI. This contemporary gallery was designed by Zaha Hadid and is guaranteed to be cherub-free. Sporty types, don’t forget your swimsuits - Flaminio is bordered by Rome’s Olympic Village, built for the athletes of the 1960s games and as such, there are numerous pools and sports centres around the area. The very best in our (not so humble) opinion is Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto, just across the Tiber; even the most reluctant of doggy-paddlers will enjoy the mosaics and modernist architecture of this stadium pool.

After you've decided on your favourite neighbourhood and where you want to stay in Rome, next up is to start planning your itinerary. To do that, look no further than our carefully crafted guide to 4 days in Italy's capital city. Prego.

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