Where to Stay in Rome with Kids in Our Expert Opinion

From sightseeing in Centro Storico to a taste of Italy in Testaccio, here we're sharing Rome's best neighbourhoods for the whole family.


View over the River Tiber, Rome

Ah, travelling with children. Isn’t it just the absolute worst and most stressful thing ever the most delightful thing to see their little faces light up with joy and wonder at the world? Italy’s capital might be a historical and cultural landmark, but that doesn’t mean that every inch of it was designed with your rugrats in mind. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to where to stay in Rome with family – so kick back and relax because we here at Plum Guide have done the work for you.

Centro Storico

When thinking about where to stay in Rome with kids, you want to be right at the centre of the action. Forget getting public transport or walking for 20 minutes (this feels like 20 years when you’re under 10, and when you're with anyone under 10 for that matter). While definitions of the exact area that makes up the city centre vary, we take it to mean the central area comprising many of the main attractions, including the Colosseum, The Tiber, Villa Borghese and Porta Pia.

Colloseum, Rome

Colloseum, Rome

The historic centre of this city is hard to beat for families - it’s beautiful, ancient and easily walkable. You’ll have easy access to attractions including the Pantheon and the Travi Fountain, which your kids will look at for two seconds then go straight back to their smartphones.


If you’re the kind of parents who love nothing more than spending a weekend morning drinking oat milk lattes and browsing vintage shops, Testaccio is the Roman neighbourhood of your dreams. Dynamic, edgy and off the tourist radar, but still with an exceptionally family-friendly feel (shouts of ‘bella bambino’ will follow you down the streets as you walk around), the area’s foundations are comprised of a huge mound of discarded roman amphoras, or jars, from ancient times. Yep, that’s right - you’re holidaying on a gigantic heap of recycling.

The bars and trattorias (ask for a mezza porzione, or half portion, for smaller travellers) of Testaccio are second to none, and the market of fresh product and street food is perfect entertainment for both toddlers and teenagers. This neighbourhood is guaranteed to keep the young ones entertained and is definitely a favourite on our list of where to stay in Rome with kids.


If convenience is the game, Termini is the name. As you might have realised from its name, Termini is the area of Rome situated around the city’s main train and bus stations, making it exceptionally useful as an option when you’re looking for where to stay in Rome with family. Less touristy than the central district, it is unsurprisingly well-connected for travelling across the city but is also blessed with several oft-overlooked attractions that should be on your list unless you don’t want to be able to join in on the ‘best parts of Rome’ discussions at the next dinner party you host.

The Vatican

Unfortunately, you can’t stay in the Pope’s apartment (although we wouldn’t put anything past our home critics here at Plum Guide, so keep an eye out). However, the area surrounding Vatican City is ideally located for visiting the smallest sovereign state in the world - and even better, it’s a very quiet place to stay once the sun sets, so is a great option for those with little Romans who need early nights.

St Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, Rome

St Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, Rome

There we have it, our guide to where to stay in Rome with kids. On to the next feat – how to entertain them while you're in the city? Day trips from Rome could be a great way to keep the whole family entertained, as well as to see more of the region around the city. But there are, of course, so many things to do with children in Rome itself too...a lot of them involving gelato.

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