Where to Stay in Berlin With Kids

Taking the family on a city break? Find out why Berlin is a surprise destination of choice.


Mitte neighbourhood, Berlin

Berlin. The German capital has long been synonymous with grime, grit and edginess. The kind of place where there’s always a party happening somewhere, no doubt organised by a rabble of young, smoking hipsters and moody punks. The kind of place with sharp corners and rough edges, covered in graffiti that although you can’t understand, you know it’s something bad. The kind of place you don’t envision taking your kids. But maybe it’s time to think again?

Perhaps surprisingly, there are also plenty of neighbourhoods and districts that offer the complete opposite. We’re here to break down a few misconceptions and show you why actually, Berlin is a great choice when deciding where to stay in Berlin with family. If you trust our extensive Plum Guide research, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Prenzlauer Berg

This district is quickly becoming the most family-friendly neighbourhood in Berlin, with a startling number of families living here. Take a stroll around Prenzlauer Berg on a Saturday afternoon and you are guaranteed to see more babies than hipsters. That’s really saying something in the German capital.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany Buildings, apartments, balcony, neighbourhood

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

The streets are clean, safe, quiet and peaceful. Each one is lined with vibrant trees and plants, sometimes sprouting right out of the many multi-coloured apartment blocks. When the sun’s out (hard to guess when in a place like Berlin), the birds chirp whilst cyclists whiz by. You get the idea. This is very pleasant, very family-safe territory.

Within a five minute walk, there’s a wide range of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Furthermore, all of the city's main attractions are a short subway or bus ride away. Interested? Take a look at the best apartments in Prenzlauer Berg:

Geometry Farben is a particular favourite with its great location, sloped ceilings, views of Berlin and - the real winner - an outdoor terrace with a BBQ. It’s made for family vacations. Ask us where to stay in Berlin with kids? This is it. We wouldn’t blame you if you just spent your whole trip curled up here.

Geometry Farben, Plum Guide home in Berlin

Geometry Farben, Plum Guide home in Berlin

Book Club Edition is similarly well located. Vetted by our Plum Guide experts, we love the exposed brick wall elements, the original artwork and the balcony overlooking Oderberger Street (think of those multicolour apartments, green trees and tweeting birds we just mentioned). Just a few doors down, you’ll find Engelberg which is one of our favourite places for breakfast.

Book Club Edition, Plum Guide home in Berlin

Book Club Edition, Plum Guide home in Berlin

Meanwhile, the nearby Mauerpark is a great place for the kids to let off steam. It’s also where the Berlin wall ran through and that makes it a great place for dad to begin his incredibly dry, prolonged history lesson. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Next up, Mitte. This central neighbourhood is Berlin. At some point on your trip, you will wind up here. It’s where all of the main tourist attractions are located. The Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag Building, Tiergarten, Berlin Zoo, Alexanderplatz, The East Side Gallery, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie. They’re all here.

Mitte Neighbourhood, Berlin canal boat, dome,

Mitte Neighbourhood, Berlin

So, as your very logical brain has no doubt already concluded, why not stay in this central location? Being central makes it easier to get back to your accommodation in the middle of the day for a quick pit-stop or nap. We know how draining a full day out with the kids can be. It’s important to have that home base always within reaching distance.

With that in mind, take a look at The Chronicles. Right in the heart of Mitte, this apartment is bright and airy thanks to the generous skylights opening it up. There’s a dreamy baby-blue bathroom and, most importantly, a terrace for those sunny morning breakfasts. Just a short walk away you’ll find Hackescher Markt which doubles up as both a transport and food hub. The market is in full swing every day with all sorts of food stalls. It’s hard to say no to crêpe or two. Or three.

Top Story, Plum Guide home in Berlin, Germany

Top Story, Plum Guide home in Berlin, Germany

Or how about Parsley? The kids will love it, and you will too. There’s a bright colour scheme, two bedrooms, a kitchen and living space. It has everything you need and it’s within a 5 minute walk of Alexanderplatz. To be within a 5 minute walk of Alexanderplatz is to also be within a 5 minute walk of anywhere else in Berlin. Alexanderplatz has the most well-connected station in the whole city with regular trains (never late with that remarkable, classic German efficiency), ready to whisk you off to anywhere you please. It’s also a great spot for shopping.

Parsley, Plum Guide home in Berlin

Parsley, Plum Guide home in Berlin


Speaking of shopping, Schöneberg is a spot with a number of stores including ‘KaDeWe’. The store's gourmet floor is an eclectic mix of high-end products and foodie heaven. Despite all of this, we’ve actually picked Schöneberg for another reason.

When wondering where to stay in Berlin with kids, or any city for that matter, you’ll probably have an eye on the great outdoors. Looking at its location on the map, you’ll quickly realise Schöneberg has easy access to both Tiergarten and Tempelhof, as well as the lakes in the south west. All of these are perfect days out where the kids can run and play as much as they want.

In Tiergarten, you can hire out a rowing boat on one of the lakes and enjoy traditional cuisine at child-friendly Café am Neuen See. Meanwhile, Tempelhof was the Berlin airport. Fortunately, the planes have since stopped landing and it is now a huge open recreational space that attracts roller-bladers, cyclists, kite-flyers and families.

Additionally, the vast lakes and forests of the south-west are the go-to getaways for many Berliners and who can blame them? It’s the perfect area for all manner of activities including swimming (Wannsee Lake is the most popular), walking and cycling. We can guarantee the kids will sleep well at night (finally, right?)

When it comes to family-friendly accommodation, look no further than The Holger, located on a green and quiet residential street. You’ll find that it’s actually made up of two flats (which you can see in the photos) – so you get two kitchens for the price of one. Because of that, it’s perfect for a family or a group of friends who want a combination of privacy and spaces for socialising.

The Holger, Plum Guide home in Berlin

The Holger, Plum Guide home in Berlin

So you see, when deciding where to stay in Berlin with kids, there are a surprising number of great options. The city isn’t just for the young, edgy and hip. It's for families too – and Plum Guide has vetted the best family friendly vacation homes in Berlin for quality, so your high standards are met every time. We’re not one to blow our own trumpets but, in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re experts at all of this. So, if you’re interested in staying in one of our accommodations, you can talk with one of our experts. There are also plenty more options for you to choose from. Danke.

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