Sleeps up to 2

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


6 mins walk to

Kentish Town

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Plum guide - Award Winner

Home Critic’s notesHome Critic’s notes

Staying in this Kentish Town flat feels like sleeping over at your best friend’s place. Dense bookshelves, DVD piles, herb jars and local leaflets tacked to the fridge all add to the lived-in character. There’s...

Staying in Kentish Town

Just North of Camden Town, this eclectic hub is known for its trendy and sophisticated...

  • Nearest bus stop

    4 mins walk

  • Kentish Town

    6 mins walk

  • Kentish Town West

    10 mins walk

  • Cycle share

    14 mins walk

  • Taxis

    Local taxi / Uber available

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For extra reassurance in this new world of COVID-19, we have developed a set of deep-cleaning guidelines for our hosts in collaboration with industry experts. All Plum Guide hosts commit to adhering to these guidelines.

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Feather & Down

Bedroom decibel level 10db

Blackout blinds, wardrobe

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Master bathroom
Shower bath, WC

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Library of Books
Board Games
DVD Library
Multiple sets of keys
Central Heating
Washing Machine
Buzzer / Wireless Intercom
DVD Player
Electricity Adaptors

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Stan is a genuine open-hearted host, who thrives making people feeling at home. Professionally, Stan is a talent hunter and has travelled the world searching for the special ones. In his free time, he loves history, sports and people.

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