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Longer Stays

Our guests stay longer on average, meaning higher occupancy rates and fewer changeovers.

Trusted Guests

Our guests tend to be more mature and reliable, and the cancellation rate on Plum Guide is over 30% lower compared to other platforms.

Concierge Service

Our team of experts are on hand to guide guests towards your home. So you get more bookings, with the right guests.

Frequently asked questions

What is Plum Guide?

Plum Guide is a curated booking platform for the world’s best vacation homes. Our mission is to find and award the best homes and help hosts stand out from the (very overcrowded) crowd.

Why join Plum Guide?

Get the support of a dedicated concierge team Our concierge team personally assists guests in finding their dream vacation home. They can help to make your home more visible and booked by the right guests. Receive bookings from trusted guests We know from experience that our guests tend to be more mature, affluent and respectful. With higher value bookings and a cancellation rate over 30% lower compared to other platforms, our guests are discerning individuals that value quality over quantity. All of our guests have to fulfill and agree to our Plum Guide guest requirements before booking. Additionally, as a host, you can choose ID verification and the amount of the security deposit for your home. Enjoy longer stays with fewer changeovers Our guests tend to stay 2.5x longer compared to other booking platforms. This means less cleaning and less admin for you.

What happens when I accept my invitation?

1. You tell us more about your home Once you have accepted your invitation, we ask you to answer a few questions about you and your home. Filling this form won’t take you longer than 20 minutes. 2. We build your listing Once we have received all information about your home, including images, we can build your listing. This usually takes a few days. 3. Your listing is published on Plum Guide Our concierge team will make sure to show it to qualified guests. We use calendar syncing to prevent overlapping bookings and also match your nightly rates. 4. You receive the Plum Guide Award Before you welcome your first guest, we arrange for our certified Home Critic to visit your property and confirm it meets the Plum Guide criteria. After this you will receive your official Plum Guide Award.

What is the Plum Guide Award?

The Plum Guide Award is our global marker of excellence and trusted seal of approval for our guests. A home that has been rewarded with the Plum Award has been visited by one of our acclaimed Home Critics upon your first guest stay and confirmed to match our standards through a Plum visit. We collect more detailed information about your home via the visit, which allows us to recommend the right home to the right guests. Read more about the Plum Guide Award process.

Can I keep hosting on other platforms?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to list your home exclusively on Plum Guide. You can keep your home listed on Airbnb, Vrbo or any other platform. All we ask is that you synchronise your calendars with other platforms, just once when you join. By using calendar syncing we make sure there are no double bookings or overlaps from your other platforms.

What are your fees?

A host service fee To help us run the Plum Guide platform and services smoothly, we charge hosts a service fee of 3% plus any local and sales taxes, with every booking. The service fee allows us to offer a concierge team that can guide guests towards your home, a dedicated Plum Host Team that offers support in making your home more sellable, as well as customer support. One-time joining fee We also deduct a one-time joining fee of £300 per listing, from your first guest booking with us. This fee covers the costs for your listing curation and setup, which includes editorial style copy and naming from our expert curators, a visit from one of our Home Critics as well as a photoshoot if we deem it necessary. Should you never get a booking then you won’t be charged.

Can I tell others about my Plum Guide nomination?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll provide you with a certificate once your home is live on Plum Guide that you can share across your social media platforms.

Dale Fox, Palm Springs host

I simply adore the team at Plum Guide. Top-notch professionals who are a joy to work with. The writing and photography for our home is amazing. I know for sure that the guests and properties are well vetted.

Dale Fox

Plum Guide host

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