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30th Birthday Ideas to Enjoy in London: A Cause for Celebration

Looking to mark the occasion in style? Here's our list of the best places to celebrate in the city


The London Eye over the River Thames, London

As your 30th birthday creeps around, it’s time to a) wave a fond farewell to your twenties and b) get those commiserations celebrations started. We say, mark the day by doing, seeing or eating something spectacular in London – or all of the above – surrounded by your favourite people (and your favourite gift givers). Here at Plum Guide, we’ve compiled a few of the best ideas below to spark your inspiration, starting with a swanky brunch and ending with an equally swanky dinner. Whatever you choose, this celebration is going to be one to remember, and so might your hangover the day after…

Ring for champagne at Bob Bob Ricard

Celebrate being on this planet for three decades in true style at Soho institution Bob Bob Ricard. Best known for having dangerously indulgent ‘Press For Champagne’ buttons at every table, this fancy spot serves up decadent English and Russian dishes – everything from oysters to caviar. There’s a dress code, and yes you’ll spend a wad of money, but you’re worth it. And this is your chance to order all the champagne you can possibly swallow without giving it a second thought. Ding.

Conversations With Friends, Plum Guide home in London

Hop to a celebratory brunch

Birthday Brunch waffles orange juice breakfast eating out restaurant

The perfect excuse for a party in the daytime, this boozy brunch brings back all of the old school hip hop beats and blasts them in a central London club venue complete with a dance floor and cocktails. It’s the perfect way to celebrate without having to wait until it gets dark outside. Sit down for a three-course brunch then dance away the next few hours as the party gets underway. The brave ones of the party can even have a go at the hip hop karaoke… we'll leave that to them.

Spirit of Portobello, Plum Guide home in London

Party to the beat at The Piano Works

The Regal Albemarle III, Plum Guide home in London

Brilliant music? Check. Cocktails? Check. Electric atmosphere? Check. The live band is the main attraction at music bar, The Piano Works and here the sound track is decided by the audience. It’s up there as one of the best 30th birthday party ideas in London. Non-stop, feel-good live tunes will keep you and your pals dancing all night. What’s great is you can drop any song requests to the band and they’ll be sure to play them at some point over the evening. (So prepare your requests now.) At this place, your birthday is highly likely to end on a high note.

Sleep easy in a luxury Plum Guide home

Totter home to the house you wish you owned by booking a Plum Guide rental. It might have four bedrooms for you and all your pals, or it could be a small apartment with a hot tub, sauna and gigantic bed. Take your pick from the hundreds of options on offer. Perhaps choose a bed and breakfast option so you don’t have to worry about getting breakfast with your killer hangover. One tip: make sure it’s close (an easy Uber ride away, perhaps) to the activities you have planned for the day of your birthday, so your journey home is quick and easy.

The Kensington Suite at Park Lane, Plum Guide home in London

Take a seafood cruise

Toast this milestone birthday on the water as you settle in for a seafood dinner aboard a converted canal boat. The London Shell Co will take you on a gentle cruise along the centre of town (you even sail past London Zoo) so you can enjoy the views as well as a five-course meal with your nearest and dearest. If you're a little more popular (or a lot less particular) splash out and book the whole boat. A unique and memorable 30th birthday party idea if ever there was one. Take it up a notch

Fresh Oysters seafood dinner celebration

Dart around at Flight Club

If you want to celebrate in low-key style, interactive darts joint Flight Club is one of many good 30th birthday ideas in London. (And no, you don’t have to be good at darts to enjoy it, but it does help). It’s fast paced, interactive and fun, and works just as well for two of you as for a group. Drinks, cocktails and snacks can be added on top. Oh, and do mind your expression as you play. There’s a playback option where you get to see your face on the screen in front of you, whether you want to or not…

Feel scentsational with exclusive fragrances

British perfume and scented candle brand Jo Malone celebrates British style with unexpected fragrances. Its Regent Street boutique is the global flagship store, and it’s home to a number of unique and exclusive fragrances as well as artisan services: you can have your candles and colognes engraved or embossed. So why not stop off here and pick up a well deserved treat for your 30th birthday. At least that's one present you won't have to return…

Tuck into tea in Mayfair

Afternoon tea at the Ritz in Mayfair features pretty high up on many people’s bucket lists, so why not knock this one on the head at the grand age of 30? Put on something nice and sit down for a traditional British treat (napkin on the lap, darling) at one of the most famous hotels in the land. Nibble on dainty savoury and sweet treats served on elegant silver and sip on tea in your Sunday best no matter the day. Oh, and sticking your pinky out is obligatory for that part.

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