Best Places To Stay In London For a Romantic Mini-Break

Where’s best to stay in London for a perfect romantic break


London is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, it has everything you could possibly need.

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of taking your partner on a romantic mini-break, then London has definitely got your back. Whether you’re wanting a picturesque location to take that perfect couple selfie or a dining experience to blow your other half away, London has got you covered. By the end of your trip, your partner will be swooning over you so much from your impressive abilities to plan the best date ever that you’ll hear the faint murmur of wedding bells in the background. But before you rush off to the chapel, you’ll need to be in the know with where’s best to stay in London for that perfect city break.

Notting Hill - A romantic stay straight out of a movie

First on the list is Notting Hill, home to some of the most scenic streets in London, making it a number one spot to stay in for the perfect romantic mini-break. To be more precise, a top destination to stay here would be in the beautiful area of Holland Park. Situated amongst expensive London town houses, we advise you to have a wander through the park and visit its Japanese Kyoto gardens for a romantic hand in hand stroll. Designed and built by a prestigious Japanese Garden designer and his team, it was built to commemorate the Japan Festival that took place in London in 1992. Today it still stands as one of the most beautiful gardens in London. If you manage to find a nice place to stay in this area, apologies if you are woken up by the resident peacocks.

during your romantic stay in Notting Hill head over Holland Park for a picnic with your other half

Notting Hill by travelingpost Holland Park picnic by polar

Hummingbird Bakery

"The black bottom cupcake is a must-try, but the red velvet is their classic. We challenge you to not walk out with a whole assorted box of treats."

After your lie in, step out for a morning walk and some brunch in London’s famous Portobello Market. Whether you’re into antiques, fashion or food, there’s something to tickle your fancy. A personal favourite of the Plum Guide’s is Hummingbird Bakery. Situated in the heart of the antiques sector, this bakery will have you drooling before you’ve even stepped foot inside. The black bottom cupcake is a must-try, but the red velvet is their classic. We challenge you to not walk out with a whole assorted box of treats. Burn off that cupcake and keep walking down Portobello road until you get to The Electric – a famous cinema dating back to 1910. Watching a film here isn’t just your run of the mill everyday experience. In this small screen cinema seating just 83 people, you’ll have the choice to recline on a red velvet sofa, large arm chair or even a bed – don’t worry, the beds are right at the back so you can spoon without being judged.

famous cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery and The Electric, a high class cinema in Notting hill

Humminbird Bakery's Cupcakes by hummingbbakery The Electric by anna.depascalis

Whilst you lounge around why not opt for some non-standard cinema snacks like pitta bread and hummus or a cheeky glass of vino? We also highly recommend the Korean Sticky Chicken Wings, some of the best fried chicken in London. If your appetite has been whetted, then you can pop next door to their restaurant after your screening for some high-end classic diner food before a short walk home back to your Plum Guide accommodation.

Knightsbridge - London's Elegant and Luxurious side

Knightsbrisge;s most famous store is Harrods, go there for some shopping and treat yourself to oysters and champagne at the cavier house.

Harrods by a7bk.13 Caviar House Oyster Bar by a_prene

Another great spot to stay in, taking you deeper into the Royal Kensington & Chelsea borough, is Knightsbridge. If you’re a temporary local here, you’ll want to visit Harrods – it’s the place to go if you’re looking to snap up something luxury for your partner to remind them of your London romantic mini-break. Their toy department will bring out the big kid in you, or perhaps might make you and your lover feel a bit broody? If so, get them even more in the mood with some aphrodisiacs by visiting the Oyster, Caviar and Champagne bar – not recommended for those holding their purse strings tight though!

Hampstead - Nature and Poetry

The Hampstead Heath is the perfect location for a romantic picnic during your stay in London

Hampstead Heath by ballsofia Gails by gailsbakery

"Visit the famous 800 acre field known as Hampstead Heath, to have a picnic on the hill with your loved one and gaze over the London’s city landscape"

If you think renting a place in Knightsbridge may be a tad beyond your price range, head out of the Royal borough and Uber it up North to Hampstead. There’s a wealth of homes and activities to be found in this cutesy part of town. We highly recommend finding a spot to stay near the high street so you can pop out for delicious breakfast from Gails in the morning. Or why not find somewhere close to the Romantic poet Keats’ house. There’s a great yet tragic story to be told in this historic house. A tale of a talented writer who fled to Rome in aim of escaping the symptoms of his tuberculosis. Spoiler alert – he sadly died at only 25 years old and you can learn all about his short but significant life with a tour of his home. Afterwards you may want to visit the nearby famous 800 acre field known as Hampstead Heath, to have a picnic on the hill with your loved one and gaze over the London’s city landscape. The Plum Guide recommends stopping off and grabbing a bottle of Pimms on your way there to get a bit boozy in the sunshine (weather providing of course).

Little Venice - Quirky waterside cafes and cozy pubs

As a last stop on your trip, you’ve got to pop over to Little Venice for a romantic kiss. Get out that selfie stick because you’ll see plenty of beautiful canals and waterways, making it a haven for a couple’s activities. London’s Little Venice is a great neighbourhood to stay in and explore on your romantic mini-break with its quirky waterside cafes and cosy pubs. Stop off at a few locations and grab a drink whilst admiring the views. You can even take a trip down the canal on one of the boats if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. In the evening Little Venice not only boasts an array of great restaurants but also has a wealth of choice when it comes to theatre performances. Canal Café Theatre will look after you for the evening with its candlelit tables or why not try something a little different and view the renowned puppet show at Puppet Theatre Barge for a bit of big-kid fun.

London's Little venice is famous for it's quirky watersite cafes and cozy pub, it's the best spot in town for a romantic stroll down the river

Little Venice by _cris_pics_ Puppet Theatre Barge by midlifehousewife

Whichever part of London you decide to reside in, be sure to look to the Plum Guide for some great accommodation to accompany the trip.


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