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Kids Party Ideas in Dublin They'll Love

Our guide to children's party ideas in Dublin is sure to entertain the young ones (and you might even catch yourself having a good time too)


Glencullen Mountain, Dublin

Let’s stop pretending. Kids parties are - well, they’re boring. Doesn’t that feel good to finally admit? Sure, the children enjoy themselves - until they’re playing musical statues for the third weekend in a row and drinking watered-down orange squash under ominous-looking clouds. For kids party ideas in Dublin that won’t bore you, your child nor your guests to tears before you’ve even cut the cake, play a game of Follow the Leader with us (we’ll keep an eye out for our invitation to this one). Here at Plum Guide, we have dived deep into our expert knowledge and produced this list of kids party ideas for the whole family to enjoy, so if you follow our exert advice, you are sure to throw a party to remember.

Set them loose in the Dead Zoo

National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, Dublin

The Dead Zoo isn’t as grim as the nickname might suggest. Rather than lasting childhood trauma, the Natural History Museum gives children the chance to ooh and aww at a range of weird and wonderful taxidermied animals. Don’t miss the towering elk skeletons (which would be hard to miss - they’re huge) and the Wonder Cabinet, where kids can play around with replicas of hyena skulls, fossils, and shark teeth. You'll also find activity sheets and plenty of interactive exhibitions as you go around to keep any of your own little animals from climbing into the cases. Entry is free (though groups of over 10 are advised to book), meaning you’ll have plenty of cash left by the time you get to the gift shop boutique shops later. The central location means it’s easy to get to from whichever Dublin Plum Guide property you’re staying in, and there’s plenty of green spaces where you can cut the cake once the kids have tired themselves out. Take one of the bigger slices; you’ve earned it.

Mary's Praise, Plum Guide home in Dublin

Put your heads together in the escape room

If you’re searching for kids party ideas in Dublin for slightly older children who are no longer impressed by bubble machines and ice cream, look no further than an escape room. Trust us - if you’ve got a budding Houdini or Holmes on your hands, they’re going to love Dublin’s range of innovative escapes. Some tend to be a little too complex for kids (and, let’s be honest, us; Plum Guide specialises in travel, not trapdoors). However, there are several rooms in Dublin that cater to kids under 16 including Adventure Rooms, Bolt Escape and Escape Boats (which, as the name suggests, takes place on a boat on the Grand Canal). Pros: racing against the clock to solve themed puzzles will make this a party to remember. Cons: most escape rooms require an adult to go in with children under 16, so prepare to be mercilessly mocked if they solve the riddles before you do. Better start brushing up on your Morse Code now to avoid lasting shame.

Rose Fleet, Plum Guide home in Dublin

Take the show on the road with a party bus

A party bus may sound more hen-do than wholesome children’s activity, but if you’re looking for kids party ideas, Dublin has a number of companies that offer adventures on wheels. If your kids are almost permanently glued to their consoles, then the Gaming Party Van will make you the coolest parent around. Had too many parties that have ended with cake mashed into the carpet and don’t want to risk doing the same in a Plum Guide home? A Kid’s Play Bus from Absolute Hummers provides a portable party zone with ball pools, slides and climbing ropes that kids of all ages can run riot in without giving you heart palpitations every time they veer too close to the bookshelves. Best of all, most party packages include supervision and a goodie bag; there’s really nothing for you to do other than put your feet up, have a coffee Cabernet Sauvignon, and bask in your success.

Head to the great outdoors

Here at Plum Guide, we understand that sometimes the call of the wild can overcome even the most die-hard city slicker around. (A taste of the mountains is even included in our short 3 day Dublin itinerary). Dublin party ideas don’t have to be limited to the streets of the capital; the city is surrounded by mountains, hills, and beaches all ideal to let the kids run wild. Got a budding Bear Grylls on your hands? OWLS nature charity runs survival skills parties with games and exploration, so you might want your wellies for this one. If you’re searching for a breath of fresh air that’s a little more sedate, Pine Forest Art Centre takes children on a forest trail through the scenery of Glencullen, just outside Dublin. They’ll visit a fairy village, learn how to identify different animals and leaves, and end the day with cake and crafts in a chalet decorated for the occasion - perfect if you don’t want to be cleaning up glitter and burst balloons for week.

Teal Fleet, Plum Guide home in Dublin

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