The Ultimate Guide to London in December

When a (wo)man is tired of London, (s)he is tired of life – Margot Honeyball


Londinium, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A remarkable and exciting metropolis where people congregate from all walks of life. I love it here! However, this cosmopolitan wonderland is not without its share of conspiracy theories. Much like the ridiculous flat-earth theory, rumours of a completely straight M25 are commonly whispered in the city’s streets. Perhaps even more unbelievable is a theorem speculating that a secret maze of Victorian tunnels deep under the ground are being used by millions of people for transportation. Absurd. Taxi!

Liberty London’s Christmas Bonsai

You may recall Mr. Miyagi – an older gentleman that found fame after callously sending a tween into numerous battles. Well, in addition to his disregard for a child’s safety, he is also known for his addiction to Bonsai trees. Although clearly used as a distraction to his other dishonorable hobby, it really is hard to deny his topiary skills. That said, word on the Bonsai-vine is that the scale of this Liberty London job finally finished off poor Miyagi once and for all.

Old Bond Street

Although undeniably stunning, and remarkably grandiose, this Cartier shop front makes me extremely sad. As beautiful as it is, it’s a constant reminder that my worse-half, Mr. Honeyball has never even attempted to wow me with a gift of this stature. I really don’t think that leasing a high-end store in the heart of London’s shopping district, wrapping it in a colossal bow, and allowing me to choose from the contents is too much to ask. Is it? 

Christmas String Quartet, Covent Garden

With a rotating cast of thousands of buskers, all seemingly unwilling to actually start their so-called shows, Covent Garden is still somehow well known for it’s history of street performance. If you are inexplicably looking for someone to juggle chainsaws next to your face, or enjoy a pushy magician insisting that you ‘move forward’ then this is the place for you. Amidst these lesser activities you’ll find a rare treat for your ears – a delightful string quartet, playing your favourite Christmas songs. Close your eyes and drift away. All I want for Christmas is yoooouuuu.

The Churchill Arms

After Hugh Grant managed to single-handedly bring down the affluent district of Notting Hill for a few years, it took the area a while to get back on its feet. These days, this West London neighbourhood is absolutely thriving, and the Christmas period is no exception. Thanks, in part, to the landlord of The Churchill Arm’s fascination with the common-or-garden-or-pub Christmas Tree. He is so infatuated in fact that the whole place is covered in them. Head down this festive season for a pint and a selfie.

Columbia Road Market

Although most famous for its flowers and plants (who knows, maybe Mr. Honeyball will read this and go and grab me a bunch or two?) that cover the entire street on a Sunday, Columbia Road Market has lots more to explore, especially during December. With delicious mulled wine, carol singers, mulled wine, Wednesday late-night shopping, mulled wine, and a host of other acivities. Oh, and I almost forgot, they also have mulled wine. In fact, I might pop down there now for a mulled wine actually. Ah, bliss, I do love mulled wine. 

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