Alpine Adventures: Where to Stay in Breckenridge

Hitting the slopes in Colorado? Great choice. Take a look at where to stay in Breckenridge - our favourite US ski resort.


Mountain views in Breckenridge, CO, USA

Whether you’re practically the next James Bond, navigating dangerous mountain passes with slick ease, or in a classic Bambi-on-ice scenario, just getting to grips with skiing for the first time (or snowboarding if you think you’re cool enough), Breckenridge, Colorado, is the ideal destination. In fact, Colorado in general is always a good idea, whatever the season.

While we can’t claim to be masters of the mountain, here at Plum Guide we know a thing or two about the best places to stay. In fact, you could say we’re the experts. Perhaps you’re already one step ahead and searching for that perfect Breckenridge accommodation?

At first glance, Breckenridge can be a little daunting due to its large size. But fret no more. We’ve got you covered with exactly where to stay in Breckenridge.

Downtown Breck (Central)

First up, the town itself, where you'll find plenty of things to do in Breckenridge to keep you occupied. The town is a little different in the sense that yes, it has the ski resort and a breathtaking variety of runs spanning several different mountains, but it is also its own town. There’s a lot of history and character here. Dotted along and sprawling out from Main St, you’ll find countless bars, shops, restaurants, spas and entertainment options available.

There’s even an Arts District (of course there is), with a variety of options from pottery classes to live music. So, if Bambi-on-ice isn’t going so well, you can stay firmly rooted at the bottom of the mountain and still enjoy a memorable getaway.

Take note - there’s a renowned whiskey distillery where you can partake in a tour and whiskey tasting. Be careful though - alcohol and high altitude don’t mix half as well as that Manhattan.

If you want to be at the heart of everything then Downtown Breck is the place to be. We think you’ll love our very own Rosebay on Ridge Street. This one caught our eye after it was recommended by a member of the Plum Guide community - turns out you’re becoming quite the expert yourself. Here at Rosebay, you couldn’t be any more central and the views are truly mesmerising.

Rosebay, Plum Guide home in Breckenridge, USA

Rosebay, Plum Guide home in Breckenridge, USA

Slopeside Breckenridge (West)

The first ski runs in Breckenridge were cut just West of Main St, over the Blue River. Here, with Ski Hill Road working its way up toward the runs, you’ll find the slopeside neighbourhoods. When it comes to where to stay in Breckenridge and skiing is what you came here to do, look no further. The gondolas and slopes are practically running right through your front door.

View over the mountainside, Breckenridge, USA

View over the mountainside, Breckenridge, USA

The convenience of rolling right out of bed and into a cable car aside, downtown is still only a 10 minute walk away. There’s also Cucumber Gulch Wildlife Reserve - a vital piece of wetland that provides habitats for toads, moose, elk, deer, mountain lion, beaver, and over forty-seven species of birds. Colorado isn’t just a world-class skiing destination - it’s renowned for wild beauty all year round.

Speaking of nature, take a peek at The Natural World. It doesn’t get any more Slopeside Breck than this, with views looking out directly onto the mountains and their ski runs. Hot tub as well? Oh, go on then.

The Natural World, Plum Guide home in Breckenridge, USA

The Natural World, Plum Guide home in Breckenridge, USA

The highlands (North)

A little further out from the slopes is a neighbourhood known as ‘The Highlands’. Situated north of Downtown Breckenridge, it’s actually made up of several sections such as Gold Run, Highland Park, Highland Greens, Fairways and Eagle, and Glen Eagle.

Originally, this part of the valley would’ve been filled with the commotion of gold mines and dredging boats during the 1880s. Nowadays, all of that has faded away, leaving you to find a pleasantly peaceful neighbourhood home to many locals and their families. That’s of little surprise when you realise the number of hiking and bike trails right on the doorstep. You’ve also got Breckenridge Golf Club.

So, if this quiet slice of suburban Colorado takes your fancy, who can blame you? Why not take a look at Yellow Leaves? The hot tub on the veranda with those views... we couldn't resist.

Warrior's Mark & Blue River (South)

In the opposite direction of Downtown, working our way south, there’s the equally charming neighbourhood of Warrior’s Mark. Similar to The Highlands, it’s no more than a 10 minute drive to Downtown, yet offers endless serenity and peace. If you’re scouring the valleys of Breckenridge looking for a quiet getaway, it doesn’t get any better than Warrior's Mark.

Blue River, Breckenridge, USA

Blue River, Breckenridge, USA

Here, you’ll find a family-friendly neighborhood of condos, townhouses, and single-family homes that seem to go up in price the higher their altitude. We love how the Blue River meanders through the valley. The sound of the water roaring, the rustle of the wind in the trees and the songbirds tweeting. It’s almost too relaxing. Forget the skiing today, we’re staying right here.

That’s why we fell in love with White Spruce, actually. Sat right above the river, this breathtaking home offers unbeatable views of the mountain ranges and, of course, a hot tub to match. If it doesn’t have a hot tub in Breckenridge, it’s not worth talking about.

Final thoughts

So, that’s the expert view on where to stay in Breckenridge.

In general, whether you want to book your ski pass or find a recommended restaurant, the Breckenridge Resort website has everything you need. And if you liked what you saw from some of our houses? There’s plenty more where they came from. Start your Breckenridge search today.

We think you’ll agree, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s the charm of Breckenridge or somewhere further afield, this area is one of the best destinations in the whole of the US. Looking for other things to do? Check out our article on the best things to do in the Rocky Mountains.

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