Where to Stay in Palm Springs with Family

Despite being characterised by its mid-century modern architecture and golf, Palm Springs is a great place for the whole family – with plenty of things to keep even the fussiest young ones entertained.


Home exterior and palm trees in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is typically characterised by its mid-century modern architecture and proximity to the world-famous Coachella music festival over its family-friendly attractions and places to go with kids in tow. That said, there are plenty of activities that families can do together while vacationing in this desert resort getaway -- even if your idea of a family vacation is sipping a martini by the pool while the kids splash chlorine into each others’ eyes.

Families will enjoy peace and quiet in the Palm Springs area, with plenty of opportunity to engage in the common local pastimes of golf and tennis. The weather is stunning throughout the calendar year, although it’s still the desert - we wouldn’t be caught dead in the middle of the summer without a wide-brimmed hat and an extra tube of sunscreen. While you’re there, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to stop for a quick architecture tour with the family to see all the incredible modernist homes and buildings that Palm Springs has become known for.

Wondering exactly where to stay in Palm Springs with family? We're glad you asked, because, of course, we here at Plum Guide have the answer...

Downtown Palm Springs

The lively and engaging downtown area will offer a little something for everyone in your group. In a typical year, VillageFest is hosted every Thursday evening (think: street fair, food vendors, live music, shopping, and artisanal goods). Expect an evening of vibrancy and lots of pets.

La Plaza area Downtown, Palm Springs, USA

Image courtesy of Visit Palm Springs

La Plaza area Downtown, Palm Springs, USA

Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage offers quite a few draws for those wondering where to stay in Palm Springs with family, especially those who enjoy a luxurious experience (aka you). First on the docket is the water park at Omni Ranchos resort, affectionately titled Splashtopia, which includes a 425-foot lazy river, two 100-foot water slides, a cliffside hot tub, and fountains and sprinklers for young ones. The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is also located in the area, and Palm Springs’ only waterfront shopping and entertainment center, The River, is situated right in town.

Indian Wells

Indian Wells is most well-known for the tennis tournament that takes place there every year. The year-round population of the town is less than 5,000, and there are plenty of golf courses to choose from. Indian Wells is a great option for families looking for some serious peace and quiet, or who are highly attracted to golf and tennis. One of our favourite places to stay in Palm Springs, whether with the whole family or without them.

Palm Desert

Believe it or not, the average age of a Palm Desert resident is 51 - but that doesn’t mean that visitors are going to be spending their time in the area putzing around retirement communities and missing the early bird special when they get to a restaurant by 6pm. Let’s not forget that this is still Palm Springs, and the people here are incredibly fashionable and cultured - especially in older age. Your kids will love the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and there are plenty of restaurants and country clubs to pass the time, making this a greap option when deciding where to stay in Palm Springs with family.

La Quinta

Those who like tennis will probably want to stay in Indian Wells, but those who love and adore golf to no end, look no further than to La Quinta: the city that was literally named the leading destination for golf in the United States. (Ok, we're really starting to sense a theme here.) There are numerous golf courses in the area where visitors can hit the links - and with perfect weather throughout the year, you’re definitely going to want to spend some time outside. Families with children will enjoy the quiet and accessible downtown, where there are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from. Art on Main Street and the Old Town Farmers Market are must-see community attractions when they’re open.

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Palm Springs, California, USA

Image courtesy of Visit Palm Springs

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Palm Springs, California, USA

After deciding on where to stay in Palm Springs with family, it's time to plan your trip further with our Palm Springs itinerary.

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