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Kreuzberg is one of Berlin’s most popular neighbourhoods, partly because of its easy-to-access location, but also because of its urban atmosphere. It’s the neighbourhood that never seems to sleep due to its vibrant nightlife paired with plenty of casual restaurants, street food and art galleries. Historically, Kreuzberg was one of the poorest parts of West Berlin, but today it’s transformed into a cultural mecca populated by people from all over the world. Even though it’s packed with green spaces, walking and bicycling paths along the Landwehr Canal and a stunning mix of leafy streets and modern architecture, parts of Kreuzberg are still scruffy - and areas surrounding Kotbusser Tor should be avoided. Other than its many museums and cultural events spaces, Kreuzberg also has a rich neighbourhood culture with celebrations like The Carnival of Culture that takes place every spring and honours the neighbourhood's multicultural population and heritage with live music, food from around the world and street parades.