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Moabit is a part of Berlin that’s completely surrounded by water and connected to the rest of the city via 25 bridges. This neighbourhood was traditionally associated with its infamous prison complex, but today it’s changed into a popular neighbourhood with students and young families. Located west of Mitte, Moabit is well-connected to the rest of the city via public transport. Although it’s not as trendy as Kreuzberg, Moabit has still got some character - especially when it comes to its architecture that is a unique mix of traditional 19th-century apartment buildings and warehouse-conversions. This neighbourhood is also famous for its ever-growing food scene that’s a mix of everything from German to Turkish, Vietnamese to Middle-Eastern. Although Moabit isn’t gentrifying as fast as other parts of Berlin, it’s still changing a little bit every day as new art studios, galleries and cultural centres are popping up in the neighbourhood.