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11 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

How to bring life and personality to your space in 11 exceptional examples.


Decorating your home is often a daunting task and more often than not the tendency to stick to something you know, or choose something plain and simple, outweighs the desire to push yourself outside of the box. 

However, one of the ways you can easily bring life and personality to a room is through wallpaper. We are very lucky here at The Plum Guide to be surrounded by interior design inspiration every day, so it only seems fair that we should share some of the best examples:

Horton Hears A Who, London

Bright, bold and beautiful, this large family home in the heart of Kensington is providing a masterclass in statement wallpaper. In a Victorian home with period features, such as the cornices on the ceiling, one could have shied away from such a contemporary and colourful piece. But, by combining the print with neutral furniture and gold accent accessories, this risky design has really paid off. 

Letters From Rory, London

An uninspiring corner in your home? A small wall not right for a painting or photograph? Take a leaf out of Letter From Rory’s book and spice up your home with an illustrated wallpaper. On first thoughts, this design of desert fauna and cactuses would only feel right for a beach-style space or tropical location. However, it’s right at home here – the monochrome colour palette helps to lift the size of the room, rather than overpower it. 

Black Orchid, Paris

While florals might seem like an obvious choice for a patterned wallpaper, we love how this Paris home has flipped tradition on its head. The large bouquet catches your eye immediately and instantly makes the room feel fresh and intriguing. It also has a photographic element to the print, which helps it feel modern. By matching the colour palette with the sofa and the cushions, this room perfectly demonstrates how to integrate a statement print.

Candy Shop, Copenhagen

Mint green, candy floss pink and royal blue – not colours you would immediately put together on your mood board. In comes Candy Shop, a lovely townhouse dating back to 1735, which completely throws that theory out of the window. Plum’s Collection Curator, Cecilie, tells us how she came up with the unique home name, “the charismatic striped wallpaper reminded me a little of the traditional Danish candy, bolsjer.” 

In Full Bloom, Copenhagen

In Full Bloom’s sweet master bedroom is another great example of how to utilise an illustrated, patterned wallpaper. The repeated motif is effective and endearing, as it tells its own story, as well as adding character to the room. Here, the print is not too bold or overwhelming, as it works in harmony with the traditional wall panelling. 

Borneo, Rome

On the edge of Regola and overlooking the market in Campo de’ Fiori, this quaint home is an oasis in the midst of the bustling Rome streets. Attention seeking and without apology, this tropical wallpaper is an example of how to completely transform a room. With muted linens and vintage furniture, the wallpaper print is able to take centre stage.

Ace of Hearts, London

One for the comic fanatics out there, this bathroom wallpaper is fun and playful, while also being a great way to pass the time. Its bold primary colours work well with the monochrome, metro-style tiles. The bright print also elevates the small room to a unique feature in the home that your friends and guests will remember.

Artist's Block, Paris

Aptly named Artist’s Block, this Parisian home could be something straight out of a gallery space. This bedroom is a great example of how you can use pattern and texture to create a characterful and inviting environment. Even though there’s a lot going on in the design of the wallpaper, the room could arguably be described as minimalistic due to the monochrome colour palette.

Atomicus, London

This family home in the heart of London is another great model of how wallpaper can be used to brighten up a bathroom. The bedroom adjoining this room is decorated with dark wooden shutters and furniture, giving it a regal and colonial feel. The palm leaf wallpaper works extremely well as a continuation of this design and tone, acting as a harmonising feature between the wood and white marble.

Publisher's Edition, Berlin

Continuing the tropical theme is this beautifully rustic and bohemian home in Berlin. Although it’s quite unusual pairing such a bold print with an equally bold interior, the wallpaper design works well with the wooden headboard and flooring. The subtle filament on the print also catches the light, changing its colour and adding another intriguing element to the room. 

Cloud 9, New York

Rounding up our selection is this unique loft in New York which has an eclectic style. The 3D pattern on the wallpaper really helps to add a sense of depth to the space, while its pastel colour palette is not overpowering in the industrial interior. It also works really well next to the dining table, which has a square design – proving no pattern is too much pattern in this fun and original home.

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