11 Fairytale Homes From Around the World

Our most magical homes, filled with romance and a good dollop of the otherworldly.


Now there's a time and a place for minimalism, but sometimes when you're on the hunt for a vacation-rental for that extra-special trip, only something truly magical will do. Whether it's intricate paintwork, amazing coffered ceilings, whimsical murals, or just a dreamy atmosphere you're after, Plum Guide has you covered. These are our most magical homes, filled with romance and a good dollop of the otherworldly. Prepare to be transported...

HesperidesWe have a lot of love for this super-romantic love-nest, with its overgrown - in all the right ways - and totally magical garden.

DesiderataThis place is something else. Leave the modern world behind, and step into another century. The photos give you a sense of the grandeur but it's tough to convey the atmosphere of Desiderata without actually being there.

Thyme GardenThose who are afraid of pattern should stay well away. With its extraordinarily intricate murals, fabulous printed fabrics, and highly original floor tiles, Thyme Garden is the epitome of fairytale. It's one of our most original homes in Rome and a firm favourite with guests looking to somewhere completely memorable. So many details waiting to be admired - well worth a look.

Kipling's TalesKipling's Tales has a lot going on, and it's completely captivating. We particularly love the conservatory area, complete with mosaic floor and parasols, which opens up onto the lovely garden, with its adorable wendy-house that kids will love. It's positively brimming with character on every floor and it's definitely a home that makes you want to know its owners.

The Bouquet of Saint-LouisUtterly magical and romantic hideout up in the eaves of a historic Parisian townhouse. There's definitely some strong Cinderella vibes to this one! We love the white-painted beams and terracotta floor tiles - The Bouquet of Saint Louis shows that a home doesn't need to be colourful to be packed with character.

The Golden BambooGreen and pink velvet, gold details, tapestries, bamboo, coral - the works! This home is 'very Paris', and has clearly been lovingly-crafted by someone with a great eye. It's filled with charm and its objects will keep you intrigued and inspired for days and days. Lots to explore and the photos are well worth scrolling through for inspiration, even if you have no upcoming Paris plans. The view of the Seine isn't too shabby either.

There's nothing like hand-painted murals to make a home feel special. The Lady The Dresser has a grandeur all of its own and gets full marks for period charm. We love the high ceilings, cornices, chandeliers, mirrors, and super-snazzy boudoirs. The grand, old-school fairytale feel doesn't end in the main rooms either - even the bathrooms are works of art. The location (just a short walk away from the Arc de Triomphe) is the cherry on top.

ReverieThis one isn't called 'Reverie' for nothing. After a completely magical and unique place to stay in LA for a special family gathering? Look no further! This historic home is awesome. Every room has its own particular style and feel. Ballroom grandeur? Tick. Country cosy? Tick. Spashes of colour? Tick. A true one-off.

This fabulous home gets full marks for romance and character - it's the ideal honeymoon or anniversary candidate, that's for sure. We love the double-height ceilings, free-standing copper bathtub, beautiful rugs, and fab artworks galore. This ain't no ordinary love-nest. You'd better not take our word for it though - click through to see for yourself.

Triclinium PalaceTriclinium Palace is packed full of lovely period details, but our favourite feature of this home - from a fairytale perspective anyway - has to be the incredible, hard-carved, wooden twin beds. Or the 'Snow White beds' as we've heard some of our younger guests describe them!

The Terrace PalermoThe main entrance of the building is the first clue that The Terrace Palermo is really something special. Beautiful, carved woodwork awaits inside, together with stunning oil paintings, coffered ceilings and a truly magical roof terrace.

Paolina's ChambersWake up in a Palace. A properly dreamy one. Where every surface is hand-carved or hand-painted, very often both. This is not your usual rental home, that's for sure. Fit for royalty, and yours for the taking!

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