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Substitute Winter Blues For The Sea: 11 Homes Along LA's Pacific Coast

Feeling blue? All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea.


Wintertime and the livin’ is easy. On the contrary. Are you also feeling a little blue in the midst of all this gloomy winter greyness? Don’t worry, we’ve found the cure: the Pacific Ocean. Curing the blues with something that’s blue, who would’ve thought? 

Our suggestion: head to Los Angeles for some much-needed vitamin sea. ‘Tis the sea-son to seas the day, seek to sea more, and tropic like it’s hot. Sun’s out, pun’s out. Okay, now it’s time to stop, it’s possible that we might’ve gone overboard…

To make all of this as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite homes along LA’s Pacific Coast. All you have to do now is to pick the one you like the best and book. Without further ado, let’s dive into it! 


We can fix a lot of things here at Plum, but we can’t fix the weather (we’ll pray to the weather gods for sunshine during your stay though). At Galleon, you’ll be able to make the most of LA’s many sunny days on that beautiful terrace. 

Pacific Standard Time

There’s a lot to say about this home, but we can’t really start anywhere else other than the sea. With two magnificent decks overlooking the Pacific, there’s so much relaxation waiting to be done here. When we visited, we also caught a glimpse of a pod of dolphins (how lucky can one be?).

Let’s Jump In

Sometimes, we’re forced to ask ourselves the tough questions in life: how many terraces are too many? There’s no logical answer to that, of course. A quick life lesson from us: you can never have too many terraces, especially when they’re of this kind of calibre. In case you’re wondering, this home has five. 

California Dreamin’

There’s a reason why this home features on a lot of our lists. To put it into words that make sense to everyone, it’s simply the perfect holiday home. With a huge terrace (complete with a hot tub and views for days), we won’t hold it against you if you’d want to move in permanently. 

Wood & Water

“Wow, wow, wow” was about all we could muster up when we visited this home. Not only is it an incredibly stylish family home, but it also directly opens up to sensational Manhattan Beach.

Beauty and the Beach

With its picture-perfect Cape Cod-inspired coastal style and access to a private beach, this home is the ultimate Malibu getaway. The observant type might also recognise this home as Reese Witherspoon’s house in Big Little Lies.

The Beacon

The Beacon’s views will never let you down. We can’t stress how beautiful this place is in real life. It simply needs to be visited. 

Shubin’s Masterpiece

Built by award-winning architects, Shubin Donaldson, this home is one of those places that actually elicits an intake of breath. With everything you need for a hassle-free stay (and more), the sprawling views of the ocean and Pacific Coast Highway’s stretch to Santa Monica are to die for.

Driftwood Seas

There’s a bathtub on the terrace overlooking the Pacific. Need we say more?

Conch Shell

Situated on a spectacular sandy cove in Malibu, you’ll wake and doze off to the waves crashing outside your windows. If that doesn’t do it for you, we don’t think there’s anything more we can do to help you… 

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