11 of the Best Bohemian-style Homes from Around the World

Tired of the pared-back furniture and bare walls of Minimalism? This list is the perfect remedy.

Often a reflection of its owner, a bohemian home treads the fine line between free-spirited and chaotic. It's a tricky style to pull off, and we’ve seen some shockers - we’ll save you the horror stories. Instead, avoid disappointment with this list of our favourite bohemian homes.

Floating Island, BerlinA home that floats? Why not. This artist’s studio/living space might be a little unusual, but that’s why it’s such a favourite of ours.

Broadleaf, LAWe admit, Broadleaf might not be as attention-grabbing as others on this list, but it still has plenty of character. The carefully collected furniture fits with the unique architecture of this home.

By the Books, LisbonStacks of books? Check. Mismatched lampshades? Check. Distinctive architecture? Check. By the Books is crammed with bohemian charisma.

The Sanctuary, NYCYou can picture the owner of The Sanctuary just by looking at it. With a lived-in feel, it’s clearly been carefully furnished with personal touches over time.

Hesperides, LAThe ultimate bohemian weekend escape. We realise Hesperides isn’t the most luxurious home, but you can't deny its rustic charm.

The Gallerist, ParisThis one’s got personality, that’s for sure. It’s a little more sophisticated than the other homes on this list, but it’s bohemian vibes are unmistakable.

The Jungle Gym, NYCIn another instance, The Jungle Gym might feel cluttered – hanging ropes, mismatched furniture, an indoor swing, a bike suspended from the ceiling. Somehow, though, it pulls it off.

Wonderland, NYCMinimalists look away now. With as many peculiar artefacts as a museum, each piece of furniture, artwork and object in Wonderland has a story to tell.

Target Practice, CopenhagenTarget practice might be small, but it manages to avoid feeling chaotic or messy. Can you spot the ladder leading to a rooftop garden? So enticing.

Cloud 9, NYCA more pared-back version of the bohemian style keeps Cloud 9 feeling fresh – you’ll still find plenty of collected treasures dotted around the place, though.

Marlinspike, RomeOk, so Marlinspike is a little lacking in size, but the abundance of books, plants and dark wood create a cosy feeling.

Love homes filled with character? Find out more about this artist’s floating home in Berlin.

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