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12 of the Best Airbnbs in London

If you’re looking for the best airbnbs to stay in London, look no further. We know we shouldn’t play favorites, but we can’t help ourselves.


12 best london airbnb

1. Plum Pick: The Gallery
Neighbourhood: Paddington

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Paddington is a convenient spot to explore the smarter side of London. It’s tucked between the chic residential neighbourhoods of Notting Hill and Marylebone, with Hyde Park just below it. Elegant Georgian townhouses and picturesque garden squares fill the area, making it some of the most attractive streets to stroll. The Gallery brings those stylish outdoor vibes inside. The space used to be an artist’s studio, but now feels like a contemporary art gallery, hence the name. But there are plenty of other things to marvel at besides the art, including an iron balcony to live out your Eva Peron fantasy, and a king-size antique bed and freestanding tub to relax luxuriously. Even if you’ve done absolutely nothing all day. You’ve earned it.

2. Plum Pick: Kensington Oasis
Neighbourhood: Kensington

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Kensington is a great central base to explore the rest of the city. It’s located near some of London’s finest and most prestigious sights such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Kensington Palace, and the Royal Albert Hall. The one-bedroom Kensington Oasis, with its calm and conservative colour palette, reflects the upscale demographic who live in this quiet and safe neighbourhood. After a few days in the spacious master bedroom, impeccable master bathroom, and sophisticated living room, you’ll feel just as stately as your neighbours.

3. Plum Pick: Unconditional Design
Neighbourhood: Fulham

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Surrounded by the Thames River, Fulham is a no-nonsense residential neighbourhood with a village mentality. The local pubs and restaurants are modest and unfussy. As are the down-to-earth locals, so leave your pretension at the door. Unconditional Design was made for similarly fun loving family and friends in mind. There’s plenty of outdoor space, and with kitchen doors that fold all the way open, you can experience the outside without ever stepping out. Plus, with extra features like a hanging bubble chair and a custom treehouse children’s bed, the opportunities for family adventure are endless.

4. Plum Pick: Este Road
Neighbourhood: Battersea

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The main attraction of Battersea is the vast Battersea Park, and it’s not hard to see why. It has everything: a children’s zoo, boating lake, mini golf, and many acres of natural hiking trails. The area is also home to many independent shops as well the Northcote Road market, which is a nice spot for any food, flower, or antique needs. The first thing you’ll notice with Este Road is the dynamic architecture. Positioned behind a former school, the space is both classic and modern. You won’t know what to do first. Enjoy a lavish bubble bath in the freestanding master bath? Or maybe sip coffee under the fully-grown pergola? Or maybe host a large, casual gathering in the open space basement? The choices are up to you.

5. Plum Pick: Eternal Spring

Neighbourhood: Clapham

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Clapham is a friendly, laid-back neighbourhood with plenty of green spaces and an ever-growing foodie scene. Naturally, this makes it super popular with young, trendy families. Eternal Spring takes that chill mood and runs with it. You’ll hardly find use for the beautiful and large kitchen, what with all the nearby restaurants, cafes and bars to try, but with its colourful designs you’ll want to feast on it with your eyes. The charming abacus flower motif is sprinkled throughout the space but the ceiling-to-floor tiling of it in the bathroom is a real showstopper. And the only thing you need to know about the balcony is that it runs the whole length of the apartment. That’s right, the WHOLE thing.

6. Plum Pick: The Shop of Small Wonders
Neighbourhood: Brixton

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Brixton is rough around the edges and proudly so. Lively and multicultural, it has a strong personality. At the heart of it is Brixton Village Market. A foodie haven, it’s crammed full of pop-up restaurants, street foods and vintage finds to discover. The Shop of Small Wonders perfectly translates the vibrant street language into a home atmosphere. Exposed brick and wooden beams is the start of this bright and eclectic space. Tons of trinkets and objects will leave you entertained for hours on end. And a fantastic book collection is encouraged to be read in the private garden. Bicycles are also provided, allowing you to enjoy the local hotspots with a completely different perspective.

7. Plum Pick: Weston Street
Neighbourhood: London Bridge

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The gentrification of London Bridge with young, affluent professionals has revitalized the former docklands. The creative locals have transformed the neighbourhood with their fondness for loft-style and warehouse living. The warehouse aesthetic is common throughout London Bridge, and you’ll find plenty of exposed brick and wood beams inside Weston Street. All architectural features are original, which is almost as impressive as the size of the space. A young family can comfortably stay here. And if your family includes any foodies or photographers, make sure you check out Borough Food market.

8. Plum Pick: Distance Travelled
Neighbourhood: New Cross

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The local art students from Goldsmiths have transformed the area of New Cross into an edgy, bohemian homeland filled with pop-up cafes, restaurants, and live music events. Like the hippie neighbourhood it resides in, Distance Travelled is just as eclectic with vintage furniture, diverse art, and funky souvenirs from all over the world. From the tiled entranceway and stained glass windows to the overflowing garden and charming piano, this home is sure to have something to inspire you.

9. Plum Pick: Slow Show
Neighbourhood: Greenwich

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Greenwich is all about maritime history. Literally—the Meridian Line where time itself begins and ends is located here. Plus, the National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Naval College, and Cutty Sark all reside in this historic neighbourhood. Even though there are many places to see in Greenwich, the features of Slow Show will have you staying inside. Enjoy breakfast under a skylight. Have an afternoon read on the terrace. Roll yourself some fresh pasta for dinner. And then hit your head on the pillow in the warm master bedroom with exposed brick.

10. Plum Pick: Hitchcock’s Map
Neighbourhood: Stratford

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Stratford is a completely different place ever since the London 2012 Olympic Games came into town. New restaurants and bars completely revamped the formally scarce streets. Plus, with Westfield, the largest shopping centre in Europe, the area now has a fantastic range of shopping, drinking, dining, and fitness activities. Whether you want to stay in Stratford or explore the surrounding neighbourhoods, Hitchcock’s Map is located conveniently by Stratford Station. But I don’t know why you would want to leave. Beautiful design is offered in spades. Modern kitchen, copper accents, bright colours. Whoever said trend only happens downtown has never stayed in this home.

11. Plum Pick: The Ivory Townhouse
Neighbourhood: Balham

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One of the nice things about staying a little outside the city centre is all the space you’ll be afforded. Balham is popular with affluent young families because they can raise their children amongst open green spaces without sacrificing good pubs and trendy brunch spots. The incredibly spacious 10-bedroom Ivory Townhouse is as elegant as it is large. Every room is impeccably-styled and treated with care. The attention to detail is through the roof. High ceilings and doorways with antique chandeliers and bookshelves gives the space more of a Parisian flair than Londontown. A 16-seat dining room means you can host the whole neighbourhood, or just sit 16 seats across from your significant other and pretend you’re in a Downton Abbey episode.

12. Plum Pick: Le Jardin Marrakech
Neighbourhood: Chiswick

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The outer neighbourhoods tend to be tighter knit communities, and none are more so than Chiswick. Striking period properties with generous green spaces mixed together with vibrant independent shops and high-end restaurants makes it the perfect retreat for creative professionals and their families. Chiswick might not be the closest neighbourhood to central London, but you’ll feel even further away with the global feel of Le Jardin Marrakech. Covered in textures from Morocco and around the globe, this home is designed to feel both cosmopolitan and well-travelled. A common element you’ll notice throughout the space is plants. From floral prints to a well manicured garden, leafy greenery is everywhere. You’ll feel like you’re in a botanical sanctuary. Your lungs will love it.

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