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15 Beautiful and Affordable Homes to Rent Around the World

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We all deserve a bit of glamour, especially when on holiday. Lucky for you we've found some of the best and most beautiful rental properties from around the world. And guess what? They're actually affordable. Don't settle for less – live like the kings and queens you truly are. Check out our exclusive list of the most beautiful and affordable homes from our twelve cities. 

Soft Pastelli, Rome

Imagine a classic fairytale – now give it a modern edge and you've got yourself Soft Pastelli. Part of an old palazzo, this home oozes splendour before you're even inside. Once you've made it to the front door, the palatial theme continues with blush walls that are evocative of frescoes, which not only works perfectly in the space, but also pays homage to its historical Roman roots. On top of that, the home is filled with luxurious furniture, such as the camel back sofa, inviting guests to indulge in the royal treatment. We could throw a few more words of grandeur around, but instead we'll just suggest you stay here on your next trip to Rome. 

£174 per night, sleeps 7

Lola, London

Lola is like a little cabin retreat in the heart of London. It's a small space, but its perfectly executed design elevates this tiny home. Natural fibres and textures create a bohemian haven and make it difficult to leave. Once you're ready to head out though, you'll be pleased to find yourself in idyllic Notting Hill, famous for the Portobello market, where you can find great souvenirs and beautiful antiques. 

£139 per night, sleeps 2

Meet Me in the Kitchen, Copenhagen

It can be really expensive to travel as a family, and keeping everyone happy during the trip can be just as difficult. Enter: Meet Me in the Kitchen. The sleeping arrangements are perfect for a visiting family or a close-knit group of friends, and with quirky architectural features, like the den between the kitchen and the living room, there's something for everyone here. It's also in a central, yet quiet, neighbourhood, filled with bookshops, cafes, and restaurants. Plus, all of Copenhagen's most famous sites are within easy walking distance. It's a no-brainer if you'd like to show the kids the Danish capital. 

£365 per night, sleeps 6

Hesperides, Los Angeles

Venice Beach was once famous for its counterculture, housing members of the Beat generation, which would eventually morph into the Hippie movement, and nurturing famous bands like The Doors. Today, a lot of that bohemian vibe has been lost amongst the tech giants that call this part of Los Angeles home. Luckily, Hesperides is here to take you back in time. Vintage furniture, recycled accent pieces, and hanging plants make this home one of a kind. 

£183 per night, sleeps 4

The Winery, Lisbon

Lisbon is fast becoming one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. One aspect of Portugal’s growing fame is the country’s delicious wines. Just like our homes, wine doesn’t have to be expensive in order to taste good. It just takes an expert with a fantastic palette to find the best ones. Let us show you where interior design and a passion for wine meet. Stay at The Winery during your next visit, and marvel at the original architectural features and indulge in Portugal’s Vinho Verde, Douro Reds, and, of course, port. 

£280 per night, sleeps 4

La Teja, Barcelona

La Teja is really something special. Not only is it great value, but its interior beautifully contrasts old and new. The exposed brick wall is reminiscent of an ancient church, and yet it sits comfortably next to an industrial-inspired staircase and a kitchen so modern, you'll be spoiled for any future cooking experiences. The entire home centres around a lofty courtyard, perfect for a glass of wine or just a relaxing spot to read a book. Step outside and you'll find yourself in the upscale residential neighbourhood of Gràcia, central enough to be able to walk everywhere, and boasting some of the best under-the-radar tapas bars in the city. 

£114 per night, sleeps 3

Enchanted, NYC

Our next choice might not be in New York's hottest neighbourhood, but we think it's time to explore the Big Apple's unadulterated side. Try Carroll Garden's Enchanted for a magical holiday in the middle of Brooklyn. This neighbourhood maintains a traditional feel, with its stately brownstone townhouses, towering churches and authentic Italian restaurants and bakeries. The home itself is no different. Sprinkled with charming design features, rustic accent pieces, and bold splashes of gold, Enchanted is what fairytales are made of. 

£270 per night, sleeps 5

Meridian, Milan

As the fashion capital of the world, Milan is famous for its glamorous couture. At Meridian you'll find a minimalist home, a perfect reflection of the city's focus on design and style. While no one lives here full-time, it's still got the homely touch that we love and appreciate. The modern design radiates comfort, and with lush features, such as the deep bathtub, we guarantee you'll have a relaxing visit staying here. An added bonus, and a beautiful contrast to this contemporary home, is the fact that just around the corner is Milan's fifteenth-century Sforzesco Castle.

£226 per night, sleeps 4

Antlerville, Madrid

Antlerville is a one-of-a-kind home that is decked out, you guessed it, with antlers, and all things resembling antlers. If you just heard that, it might come across as quite wild and a bit unwelcoming, but luckily this isn't the case. The host has managed to create a calming space, mainly achieved through the natural tones of the antlers and wooden accents, evident in the mirrors and the chandelier. The mezzanine bedroom may be a bit odd if you aren't especially close with the people you're travelling with, but we did tell you, this home is unique.

£117 per night, sleeps 6

Amaranth, Madrid

If you're a fan of bold wallpaper you should do two things: first read our journal article on wallpapers and secondly, you should stay at Amaranth during your next visit to Spain's capital. The walls in the living room imitate a faded Persian rug, both stimulating and calming at the same time. The wallpapers in the bedroom and bathroom showcase bold floral patterns that could easily come off as a bit excessive, but set against natural woods and an intricate bedframe, it works beautifully. 

£128 per night, sleeps 4

Mademoiselle Butterfly, Berlin

High ceilings, crown moulding, hardwood floors, and huge, traditional windows are just the start at Mademoiselle Butterfly. The host has perfectly curated this home with busy wallpaper, a textured bed, and an entire wall photo collage, and yet it doesn't appear cluttered. Unfortunately this home has to be booked for a minimum of sixty days, which won't suit those who are coming for an extended weekend, but if you're in need of accommodation in Berlin for a longer period, don't forget about Mademoiselle Butterfly. 

£91 per night, sleeps 2

Blumen, Berlin

Blumen, which of course means "flowers" in German, is one of those homes that couldn't be more perfect for a weekend in Germany's capital. The loft is on the small side, but the abundance of plants makes it a delight to stay. On top of that, it's located in Berlin's trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood, where the mix of people means there's culture and cuisine from all around the world. If you haven't been to Berlin, take Blumen as your inspiration and stay a while. 

£94 per night, sleeps 2

Pastel Fields, Tel Aviv

Matching its modern surrounding, Pastel Fields is a chic home with a contemporary edge. Located in one of Tel Aviv's coolest neighbourhoods, you'll get to enjoy the abundance of amazing restaurants, while also enjoying the peace offered at this home. The design is functional, but the pastel colours and velvet statement pieces elevate the space. Two people will have to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room, but for £203 per night, you can't argue with the value. 

£203 per night, sleeps 4

Free to Roam, Copenhagen

Charmingly Scandinavian from top to bottom, Free to Roam is efficient, cosy, and playful, all at the same time. From the pallet bed, to the rustic, baby-blue bench in the kitchen, this home has a nostalgic and jolly feel – the colourful splashes remind us of Pippi Longstocking. There's even a terrace where you can enjoy long Danish summer nights. The neighbourhood itself is similarly peaceful and charming – the kind of place where you can see and hear children at play. 

£500 per night, sleeps 8

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