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A Converted Space Makes for Quite the Home

Don't fancy staying in an old factory or workshop? We might be able to convert you.


With an ever-increasing population, as well as the perpetual human desire to create new and exciting living spaces, conversions are becoming hugely popular. While most take the traditional route of creating houses from barns or stables, people have become a lot more creative of late – turning almost anything into a home. There are no limits to the possibilities, and the more adventurous examples usually generate the best results – so hopefully we’ll soon be seeing conversions made from entire office blocks, public toilets (please make sure to disinfect thoroughly) or one of the Egyptian Pyramids.

Until then, can you guess what these extraordinary homes used to be?

Believe it or not, this delightful house was once a dairy! Luckily for you, the cows have all moved out now, so this eclectic London home is available for human inhabitation. 

As the name suggests, this four-storey home used to be a place of worship, and once you’ve had a look around we guarantee you’ll be worshiping the architect (regardless of your beliefs).

You may have seen a house converted from an old stable, but what about one smack bang in the centre of London?! Three hundred years ago, Soho Stables was home to horses that were used to transport beers from local breweries. You learn something new every day…

Built with the intention of housing a huge number of monks and nuns, this stunning Paris home has enough room for the whole family and more. Once you’ve seen this place there’ll certainly be no vow of silence, as you’ll want to tell everyone you know!

They say that school days are the best days of your life, and whether you believe that or not, you can certainly relive the good times in this converted East London Victorian School.

This Hackney church has been converted to a luxurious two-bedroom home and has the added advantage of still retaining its original tower – giving you an incredible view over London.

Once upon a time this remarkable conversion housed Neve Tzedek’s first ever bakery. Today, however, you’ll find an outstanding three-bedroom home where you could easily live happily ever after.

This old épicerie (or grocer’s store for those of us not so au fait with the French language) is now a cosy one-bedroom Parisian apartment full up with all the essentials. 

Although the name is a bit of a giveaway in regard to what this conversion once was, nothing else in this old piano factory is what you’d expect from an apartment - it’ll be music to your eyes as well as your ears.

This home in Camden, a neighbourhood known for its exciting, cultural personality was once home to a small shoe factory. Luckily for you, the factory no longer operates and you can stay where it once stood. 

At one time, this Hackney home was a fully functioning ironmonger’s workshop. These days it is a remarkable industrial home with all the charms of the workshop, but none of the swinging hammers and loud clanging.

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