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A Copenhagen Itinerary: 7 Days to Stand Out From the Crowd

Eerie amusement parks, bloodthirsty piranhas and time travel; this list has it all.


Cyclist on Copenhagen Canal with colourful buildings and red boat

Sometimes spinning the desktop globe at the office to see what your next holiday destination will be may not turn out as well as expected. Well, rules are rules and we here at Plum Guide are most delighted to see that you’re not backing out. To reward you, we’ll assist you in crafting a flawless Copenhagen itinerary, 7 days of a vacation that will seem like it came right out of a Hans Christian Andersen signature fairy tale; somewhat gloomy but with a happy ending.

Day 1: Visit the main attractions

Nyhavn Copenhagen, Denmark

You probably want to be done with all the usual touristy sights and so-called must-see attractions during the first days of your trip so that you can dedicate the rest to gorging Danish pastries and downing uncommon beers by a lake somewhere in the city centre. So let’s quickly cover all those things that friends and relatives might ask about when you get back home. If you’re into museums, you should be looking at the National Museum and the National Gallery of Denmark for a quick glimpse at Danish arts and culture. If architecture and landscaped gardens are more of your thing, you should pay a visit to Amalienborg Palace, the Round Tower, and Rosenborg Castle. Regardless of interests, a trip to Copenhagen comes with an obligatory visit to the famous Little Mermaid and the colourful harbour named Nyhavn. And that’s about it. You’re welcome.

Ballet Shoes, Plum Guide home in Copenhagen

Day 2: Tivoli

Copenhagen’s 175-year old amusement park is utterly unavoidable on a family trip. No matter how hard you try, those sneaky little rascals are bound to catch a glimpse of one of the taller rides at some point. Luckily for you, apart from roller coasters, virtual reality rides and exotic architecture, Tivoli Park also features numerous top-notch restaurants like Fru Nimb and Gemise where you can be left in peace to ponder upon the actual purpose of an open sandwich and other philosophical matters. Doesn’t sound all too bad, does it? You can even stay close to Tivoli in beautiful Plum Guide homes like Visionaries.

Visionaries, Plum Guide home in Copenhagen

Day 3: The Freetown Christiania

Despite what you might have heard, Christiania is a peaceful and colourful place that rightfully deserves a place on your Copenhagen 7 day itinerary. Modern-day local hippies (if we can still call them that) have quite a healthy obsession with tea fusions and vegan cuisine that you can try in places like Cafe Nemoland and Cafe Loppen. If you walk down the notorious ‘green light district’ (not a recommended place for souvenir shopping), you’ll find a small, beautiful lake perfect for picnics and afternoon strolls. You can even stay just a breath away from Christiania in a home like Euphoria.

Euphoria, Plum Guide home in Copenhagen

Day 4: Bakken

Bakken is the name of the world’s oldest amusement park that’s lying hidden in the dim lush woods of Deer Park. This sentence alone could probably make Stephen King scribble a series of novels off-the-cuff but, in fact, Bakken is not wholly nightmarish. The park brims with rides of all kinds and ages (including an 82-year old wooden rollercoaster), pubs, restaurants and ice-cream parlours. If you think Tivoli is too mainstream for you, then a trip to the outskirts of Copenhagen will be worth your while. It certainly seems like Danes have a thing for amusement parks. Who would have thought?

Cinemascope, Plum Guide home in Copenhagen

Day 5: Copenhagen Zoo

Feral beasts, ferocious fiends, tameless critters. Kids can really act up on a family trip. Try the Copenhagen Zoo for a pleasant change instead of the usual boring visits to museums and usual cultural sites. Here they can get up close with the giant pandas, have a laugh - or a lifelong trauma - by standing too close to a polar bear and learn all kinds of interesting facts about more than 4,000 animals. Before heading back to your Copenhagen Plum Guide apartment for the night, finish off your day by enjoying the Asian-French fusion cuisine of the Panda House. If you’re not travelling with kids, we still recommend that you go.

Day 6: Visit an Open Air Museum

Frilandsmuseet is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums on the globe. Spreading over 86 acres of unspoiled land, the museum encompasses more than 50 farmhouses and mills built in a span of three centuries and rebuilt with the purpose of bringing Denmark’s history to life. Walking through Frilandsmuseet is like going back in time to see what rural life as early as the 17th century was like. Rumour has it that the exact same experience can be had by taking a day trip to the Mid Jutland region in western Denmark, but that is a completely different story.

Day 7: Take a day trip to Skagen

Skagen Beach, Denmark

They say that in order to experience the authentic side of Denmark you have to get away from the capital and into the depths of the countryside. Why not give it a shot? 7 days in Copenhagen might be a few too many anyway. Head for Skagen on Jutland’s northernmost tip to witness the Baltic Sea collide with the North Sea in an eternal clash of unstoppable natural forces. It’s not nearly as impressive as it sounds, but in Skagen, you’ll find long sandy coastlines and seaside seafood restaurants. The trip to Skagen is not that short so make sure to start early in the morning. You definitely don’t want to be stranded at world’s end overnight (especially when you've got a luxury Plum Guide home waiting for you).

And if you still have time to spare: National Aquarium of Denmark

Have you ever wondered what the day to day struggles of a Giant Pacific Octopus are? We didn’t think so. Quit thinking only about yourself and pay a visit to Den Blå Planet, the National Aquarium of Denmark. Learn all about hammerhead sharks, Alaskan sea otters, manta rays, step through a transparent underwater tunnel and - if you’re lucky - witness the adorable piranhas completely devour other cute little creatures. Morbid spectacles aside, the aquarium features several sections with impressive architecture that will make the trip all the way back to the airport - where it is located - worth it.

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