Where to Stay in Copenhagen with Kids: 5 Best Neighbourhoods


Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great destination for anyone travelling with kids; incredibly safe, very stroller-friendly and has a park in nearly every corner. The Danish capital is also home to the world’s oldest operating amusement park. No, we are not referring to Tivoli but to Dyrehavsbakken near Klampenborg. We could keep rolling off reasons why Copenhagen should be on every travel-list for families with kids…but, considering you’re already looking up ‘where to stay in Copenhagen with kids’, your mind is probably set. So let’s wind this on a bit – are you looking for a room with a view of the sea, a lake or the city’s cobblestone alleys?


Frederiksberg is the neighbourhood that will make your kids exclaim “let’s move here forever,” the exact moment the same thought crosses your mind. A walk around Frederiksberg makes passersby believe that pristine porches, brick-covered rooftops and gardens with at least one trampoline are included in the rental agreement. And if you take a sneak peek behind the curtainless windows you’ll think you've spotted the largest fanbase of the latest Scandinavian design movement. Unlike other areas close to the city centre, Frederiksberg features wide streets lined with trees and tall apartment buildings are not spoken of few and far between. You’re also within walking distance of the picturesque Frederiksberg Gardens.

Frederiksberg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark


Ok, you probably know Nyhavn is the city’s most tourist-heavy neighbourhood, and as such you probably feel the urge to disregard it when deciding where to stay in Copenhagen with kids. We get it. But wait until you wake up with the view of the canal and the fairytale-like row of colourful houses. This area looks exactly the same as the myriad of photos that will pop up on your screen before you even finish typing “Copenhagen”. Plus, you’ll get to tell your kids they're staying in the same neighbourhood Hans Christian Andersen did for nearly 20 years back in the 19th century. You may, however, want to keep the infamous stories of sailors, prostitutes and tattoo artists to yourself. And if you’re worried about noise let us remind you: it’s Copenhagen we’re talking about. Locals hit the city centre’s cool spots on Saturdays (and spend the rest of the week nursing a hangover elsewhere.)

Indre By

Indre by, København K or Downtown Copenhagen. Three terms you’ll often hear before and during your trip to Copenhagen…and now you know they all refer to the city’s historic centre. More refined than any other district and home to the Danish capital’s major attractions, Indre By is for those eager to get to the beating heart of Copenhagen. That being said, on Saturday evenings you must be prepared for screams of drunken Danish gibberish, swarms of hungry people outside the McDonald's in Nørreport station and bikes bumping into you while you're stood admiring Strøget shop windows. Rest-assured: you have nothing to worry about any other day of the week. Oh, and if you’re browsing Plum Guide homes in the area then please don't worry, our home critics have tested the noise levels inside every Copenhagen home on the platform (so you’ll be able to sleep in peace).


Looking for where to stay in Copenhagen with kids to enjoy the city like a local? Here’s your answer. Charming quarters, casual-but-trendy restaurants and a great big park (Fælledparken) make up Østerbro. This may sound to you -and fairly so- just like the rest of Copenhagen, but locals regard this neighbourhood as the most family-friendly – away from the crowds of tourists but close enough to the city centre. You and your kids will love spending time here; independent fashion boutiques, ice cream parlours (including well-known Olufs) and the (urban) Svanemølle beach, which is less than ten minutes from the neighbourhood’s centre by bike.

Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

East Amager

Amager is Denmark's most densely populated island (not that you would have noticed had we not mentioned it). If you want to combine your Copenhagen stay with a spot of tanning by the waterfront, East Amager will do the trick. This is a favourite haunt for locals in the summer months – and your kids will love it too. Worried about the perfect view? Don’t be. You're never far from the sea here thanks to the many beach parks that lie scattered along the islands (although overlooking the Øresund strait is our very favourite spot).

Now you've read through our recommended child-friendly neighbourhoods, you need to find your perfect accommodation. Time, then, to browse our collection of the very best apartments in Copenhagen and choose the right one for you. Independent home critics have vetted each one for quality to ensure your (rightfully high) standards are met with each stay.

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