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5 Beautiful Victorian Homes That You Can Actually Stay In

A look at some of our favourite old-world English mansions


Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England

They may look like they belong to the fictional works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens (when he’s describing the abode of a well-to-do person, rather than a scruffy down-and-out character), or even Downton Abbey and Bridgerton…but these Victorian homes can be yours (for a temporary amount of time). Often, you’ll probably want to visit these mansions with a large group of friends. Perhaps, you have a wedding to attend, or another memorable occasion. Or, perhaps you have a huge family of 20-30 people. And hey, if it’s just you alone, wandering the halls of these Victorian villas like a lost ghost, then who are we to judge? These mansions adorn the beautiful English countryside and serve as great inspiration for writing and other creative projects. So, here is our list of 5 beautiful Victorian homes you might want to stay in. And you can trust this list, because here at Plum Guide, we pride ourselves on doing the hard work, and our extensive research means you will know everything you need to.

Live like royalty at Lords & Ladies

Collection of photos of Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Lords & Ladies, Plum Guide home in England, UK

This spectacular mansion overlooks Fritton Lake in a rural part of East Anglia. You’ll be lost (in a good way) between the woods and the rolling meadows of this picturesque part of the world. Embark on leisurely strolls through the hedge mazes, before making your way through the woodland trails and having a chat with some of the Exmoor ponies, cattle and wild stock black pigs roaming the land. The house itself has a range of elaborate architecture, with 12 bedrooms and all sorts of antique furnishings within. You’ll join the growing list of lords and ladies who have called this place home, and depending on your social status, it may not surprise you to learn you can call upon a butler service and private chef. Play a few tunes on the grand piano, and dip into the old-world library for its classics.

Holiday in style at Sense & Sensibility

Collection of photos of Sense & Sensibility, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Sense & Sensibility, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Its name suggests something magisterial and noble, something suited to the upper classes that feature so prominently in Jane Austen’s namesake novel. You can see actors played by the likes of Hugh Grant, Emma Thomson and Alan Rickman gracing the corridors with swagger and ease. With 16 bedrooms and eight bathrooms, it’s a mansion large enough to accommodate a huge party, its lavish décor reminding each and every guest to have their manners about them; we’re in polite society now. And if not, there’s always a house manager to keep you in check (really, the manager and their team are there to help with anything you might need during your stay). Relax by the swimming pool on a fine summer’s day, and embark on a trek through the countryside and coastline of East Anglia.

Experience true luxury at The Sheriff’s Palace

Collection of photos of The Sheriff's Palace, Plum Guide home in England, UK

The Sheriff's Palace, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Next up on our list of 5 beautiful Victorian homes, we have The Sheriff's Palace. Another magnificent mansion, The Sheriff’s Palace lies on a huge rural estate. As its name alludes to, it was once the home of 19th-century Sheriff of Suffolk Robert Sayer. Make your way around the vast Sibton Park Estate, enjoying a picnic by the lake and rummaging through the floral meadows. You can also go rowing on the lake, or play tennis with your fellow guests. In the home itself, admire the impressive furnishings and gold décor climbing up the walls. A freestanding rose gold bathtub is the height of luxury, while the cinema room and games room offer up a more modern side to this old-world behemoth.

Relax on the antique furniture at Flora & Fauna

Collection of photos of Flora & Fauna, Plum Guide home in Suffolk, UK

Flora & Fauna, Plum Guide home in Suffolk, UK

Compared to the previous enormous estates, this one is a cosy little cottage. That said, it still has space for five bedrooms, so we’re definitely still in mansion territory. And it’s set on 448 acres of land, which is pretty huge. Head out for a trek through the woodland area and meadows. Admire the redbrick façade of the home, set on a stone driveway. Its scenic garden is like something out of a fairy-tale, with bushes, hedges and flowers appearing to scream colour at you from every direction. In the home sits a collection of plush antique furniture, adding some Tibetan and Chinese styles to the mix.

Enjoy a splendid stay at Damask Rose

Collection of photos of Damask Rose, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Damask Rose, Plum Guide home in England, UK

Damask Rose is the final property on our list of 5 beautiful Victorian homes. The pinks and browns of imposing furniture fill the rustic living room, and its bare walls, traditional works of art and dark wooden casings make for an old-world aesthetic. It feels as though the house is alive, and if only these walls could talk, they’d have some fascinating secrets to share. Study some of the idiosyncratic antiques spread throughout the home, before exploring the wonderful countryside of Somerset.

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