Berlin is Putting on a Show for Us

The countdown to Berlinale is on...

The Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, began way back in 1951, and is, in the year 2020, celebrating its 70th anniversary. Now, we know our talents lie in critiquing homes and not in mathematics, but that just doesn’t seem to add up to us…

Irrespective of date discrepancies, Berlinale, is a world-class festival and a proud member of ‘The Big Three’ (Cannes, Venice, and Berlin) all the same. It is an event deep-rooted in history and considered to be the most politically-driven of all film festivals, drawing thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. Over the course of the 11-day-cinematic-celebration, some 400 films are shown ranging in topic, length and style. They feature both established names and new talents alike, which is great news for us. We’re hoping to have our moment in 2021 – we’re currently working on the script for Home Critics and the Philosopher’s Home.

The highly-esteemed festival kick starts in just over three weeks and, as we are at the edge of our seats in anticipation, here are some of our most highly-esteemed homes in Berlin while we wait. 

Show and Tell, Prenzlauer Berg 

The Livin' is Easy, Kreuzberg

Candid Camera, Friedrichshain 

Saturday Night Fever, Prenzlauer Berg

The Beetle, Kreuzberg

The Silver Screen, Mitte

Mise En Scene, Kreuzberg

Phenomenology, Mitte

Trompete, Kreuzberg

Entertainment Central, Friedrichshain

Roaring Twenties, Charlottenburg

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