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Our Expert Guide to the Best Beaches in Ibiza

For the perfect beach experience in Ibiza


View of the beach from Cliffhanger, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Perhaps you came to enjoy the bars and restaurants, revel in the party atmosphere or simply relax in the serene resorts. But one of the main draws to the Balearic Islands is the abundance of pristine sandy beaches. Rugged green cliffs jut out into the Mediterranean Sea, adding character and beauty to the circumference of Ibiza. Helpfully, these rock formations cordon off lots of lovely beaches; otherwise, there’d just be one long circle of sand enveloping the island, and we’d have nothing to write about in this article. So, from the sandy hubs of relaxation to the pebbly bays with stunning vistas, we’ll be looking at some of the best beaches in Ibiza. And here at Plum Guide, we've learnt a thing or two about what makes a great beach over the years, so the expert opinions you see in this guide are certainly ones to trust. Come back to one of our luxury homes at the end of the day too, when you need to soothe that sunburn and rest limbs tired from swimming and water sports.

Embrace the spiritual vibe at Benirràs

Everyone raves about the beach at Benirràs, and it's no surprise really, because it is definitely up there with the best beaches in Ibiza. Like many of the island's strands, it's made up of fine sand and backs onto an hilly coastline. But what separates this bay on the northern coast of Ibiza from its rivals is its spiritual vibe. Utterly tranquil for most of the week, the beach comes alive with tribal drumming on Sundays. Manoeuvre between the large fires and dance to the drumming. Head down to the bohemian market in the area to complete this New-Age fantasy.

Orange Oasis, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Orange Oasis, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Enjoy luxury dining at Cala Mastella

This one is for the seafood junkies among you. Forget all that hippy stuff we were going on about in the previous section: this is all about luxury and exclusive dining. And the bay (which is one of the smallest on the island) isn’t bad either - the greens and blues of the water make for a stunning sight and a refreshing spot in which to take a dip. Reserve a table at El Bigotes (rumour has it the King of Spain was once turned away having failed to do so), and tuck into some of the best grilled fish in the country.

Between Pines, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Between Pines, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Relax with the locals at Pou des Lleó

Things can get pretty busy in an Ibizan summer, as the island fills up with travellers from around the world (mostly Brits). By the way, while we’re talking about the island, we should just remind you: the second consonant in the name is pronounced as either a ‘th’ or an ‘s’. There’s no ‘f’ in the name. Anyway, where were we? Right, Pou des Lleó is one of the best places to escape to when things get a little crowded. It’s known by locals, but has so far escaped too much international attention, so you can really relax amid the fishing huts of this charming cove. Let’s hope this blog post doesn’t get too popular, eh?

Another Point of View, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Another Point of View, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Catch the sunset at Punta Galera

This one is known for its sunsets. If, like many of us, your main objective when going away is to show off to the folks back home with photos for social media, then the Punta Galera is your beach. Not only can you view incredible sunsets as the sky turns crimson above the colourful cliffs, but you’ll also find people jumping from those very cliffs throughout the day (for sport). As dusk takes hold, yoga fanatics can often be seen stretching their mats across the rocks.

Slow Tango, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Slow Tango, Plum Guide home in Ibiza

Take the family to San Miguel

We haven’t yet written much about the kids, but if you’re endowed with some, then you’re probably going to have to take them with you. Forget all the yoga and spiritual stuff; it’s time to head to a family beach, and San Miguel is just right. The crystal-clear shallow waters are perfect for a toddler learning the ropes, while the soft sand makes for a comfy setting for a family picnic as you listen to the waves. Wander along the cliffside path to the Utopia bar and restaurant.

Hop on a boat to Cala Conta and Cala Bassa

We wanted to end our list of the best beaches in Ibiza on something a little bit different. You have to take a boat to reach these isolated bays, which sit side by side as absolute paradises. Splash about in the pale blue water, and enjoy the views of the undulating green coastline. Note that these parts can become a party haven thanks to the growing popularity of the ferry from San Antonio across the bay.

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