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The Best UK Cottages With Hot Tubs

Our expertly-vetted cottages with hot tubs are the perfect place to unwind


A brick coastal cottage by a lake, UK

After a long day exploring all the beauty, culture and history the UK has to offer, there is nothing like coming back to your expertly vetted home for a relaxing soak in a luxurious hot tub. We are the experts when it comes to travel accommodation after all, so you know that any home booked through us here at Plum Guide will guarantee you the perfect stay. Slip on your bathing costume, turn those jets on and let yourself relax as you dream back to your younger days, before wrinkles, grey hairs and tiny versions of you running around driving you mad. If you start getting too nostalgic, just remember you couldn’t have afforded such a stellar holiday home back then (it’s important to look on the bright side after all).

As with all our recommended homes, these UK cottages and flats boast all modern comforts and amenities and are the ideal place for you to call your home away from home while on your next UK holiday. Put the kids to bed early and enjoy some one on one time with your better half, or wake up with the sun to sneak in and enjoy the spa all on your own. Whether you’re visiting England, Scotland or Wales we’ve got the perfect cottages with hot tubs for you and your creaky old bones to enjoy.

Find your ideal holiday home in England

A rooftop hot tub in London may seem too good to be true, but at Plum Guide it’s just another day at the office. Meet The Easton Diamond in Clerkenwell, where you can be seconds away from the hippest restaurants and bars of trendy East London but still have the luxury of an al fresco soak anytime you want. Isn’t this why you still work so hard at that job you hate? What could possibly be better motivation than a rooftop dip after all?

The Easton Diamond, Plum Guide home in Clerkenwell, London

The Easton Diamond, Plum Guide home in Clerkenwell, London

If you’re a believer that west is best, jump into the balcony hot tub at Piccadilly Baths, complete with an arcade machine, steam shower, cave bedroom and poker room.

Piccadilly Baths, Plum Guide home in London

Piccadilly Baths, Plum Guide home in London

Heading somewhere other than London? Don’t fret pet, we have all of England covered when it comes to cottages with hot tubs. How about one of the great homes from our Somerset collection, oozing countryside charm and boasting hot tubs overlooking spacious gardens. Or are you escaping to the Cotswolds? Enjoy the beauty of a chic country home before plopping into the outdoor hot tub to survey the beautifully manicured gardens all around you.

Soak your troubles away in Scotland

Bonnie lads and lassies, why not head to Scotland’s Lowlands for a healthy combination of glorious scenery and literary history? Once a mining region and the birthplace of JM Barrie and Robert Burns, this area boasts beautiful forests and some of our favourite cottages with a hot tub. Soak to your heart’s content as you take in views of neatly landscaped gardens and the glorious nature beyond.

Or head to the Lowlands for homes near golf courses, and watch the balls whizz by from your home’s private hot tub before retiring inside to cosy up by the fire. And by the way, nothing beats soaking in a hot tub after a long day of golf. Your joints will thank you and then you’ll thank us. It’s the circle of life. Further North in the Scottish Highlands lie some true gems of homes where nature reigns supreme. The hot tub is the perfect place to stargaze thanks to the night sky here being among the darkest and clearest in the world.

Sunshine on The Esk, Plum Guide home in Scotland, UK

Sunshine on The Esk, Plum Guide home in Scotland, UK

Enjoy relaxing downtime in Wales

Come for the hot tub, stay for the views. This part of the UK boasts homes with hot tubs overlooking the picturesque scenery, for an unforgettable break. Don’t worry about wearing your weary old self out on walking trails because a good soak will ease all your joint pain away. Looking for things to do in Wales outside of your hot tub? If you’re travelling with the kids in tow, pony trekking is a sweet activity that they will enjoy. After a long day you can keep an eye on them paddling in the pool directly from your prime spot in the hot tub. Just remember not to drink too much wine in there or you’ll certainly be forced to have a lie in tomorrow. What can we say? You’re living the dream in one of the best cottages with hot tubs around.

Pebble Yellow, Plum Guide home in Wales

Pebble Yellow, Plum Guide home in Wales

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