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Don't Stay Here if You're Scared of Heights

In fact, if you're scared of heights, look away now!


High above solid ground, these homes aren’t for the faint-hearted. With floor-to-ceiling windows, infinity pools and rooftop terraces, they make the most of their lofty views. If like us, you get a bit of a kick out of being up high, then this list’s for you. You’re welcome<img src="https://static.plumcache.com/blogs/2019-09-30/624c39d6-828d-4508-9d3e-2560f3be5808.jpg" alt="!" /

Ok, so this bathtub might not be for prudish types, but the bathing experience sure is unique.

Archangel, LA

We definitely wouldn't say no to a dip in this pool amongst the clouds. Something about the architecture makes it feel even closer to the sky than it already is.

Turn on the City Lights, Milan

There's a telescope on the roof, so we must be high up. Is this the ultimate stargazing rooftop spot? We think so.

Stars in our Eyes, Paris

We’re big fans of the floor-to-ceiling Crittall-style windows on this top-floor home. Finally, a desk space that gets enough natural light.

An infinity pool with views across LA? Yes please. Understandably, the sheer drop won't be for everyone.

Voyager, Tel Aviv

Is this the most serene view you've ever seen? Perhaps not if you're afraid of heights, but for everyone else? Most definitely.

Sky City, Tel Aviv

Glass balcony walls might be too much for some, but you can't beat the view. We can practically smell the sea breeze from here.

Even we felt a bit queasy looking at this one. With floor-too-ceiling windows everywhere you look, the panoramic views are pretty incredible.

The Contortionist, Berlin

Do you like your rooftop gardens with brilliant views? Us too. The spiral staircase adds just the right amount of drama. We approve.

**LA Confidential, LA **

Not a bad spot to enjoy your morning coffee. We could sit here for hours, pondering life’s big questions - or about where we’ll go for lunch.

Lady Liberty, NYC

This glass wall could give even the bravest amongst us a touch of vertigo. You really can't top these skyline views though.

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