Remarkable Homes That Won't Cost The Earth

Sustainable is attainable in our eco-friendly homes

Whether you’ve been loudly protesting against products affecting climate change since the ‘60s, or have only recently started being mindful of the environment, now, more than ever, is the time to live sustainably and help keep this planet spinning. There are a few different theories about how our little spherical rock first formed (some even debunk the spherical aspect... but let’s leave that for now), but hopefully we can all agree that we want to keep earth in one piece and live happily ever after.

Talking of living happily, let’s look at some sustainable homes that will blow your mind, not your planet!

Palm Breeze

With solar panels powering the home and geo-thermal energy heating the water you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a Sci-Fi film, but step outside into the eclectic, rustic surroundings and you’ll soon realise that you are simply daydreaming in Venice Beach.

Floating Island

It would be hard to imagine a rental that gave a more getting-back-to-nature vibe than this Floating Island. Surrounded by water, with natural light pouring in, this Berlin home combines luxury with simplicity in the best way possible.

Breaking Records

With full LEED Certification, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are causing no harm to the planet whatsoever as you relax in this remarkable home. The Hollywood Hills Zip Code will make you feel pretty good about yourself too.

Sounds Like A Plan

Ahhh Venice, the eccentric locals, the palm trees, the year round sun, and the beautiful sea all on your doorstep. It’s hard not to be at home in this stunning Californian location, and this 3 bedroom home is the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty that Venice has to offer. Sounds Like a Plan to us!

Like what you see? Take a closer look at Floating Island here.  

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