Family Love: 11 Homes Big Enough for your Family Gathering

Upgrade your next family gathering with these show-stopping homes from The Plum Guide collection.

Family get-togethers can be stressful, especially when trying to find somewhere to stay with enough beds for everyone. We thought we’d give you a helping hand. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favourite oversized homes, so you can focus on spending time with your family.

Assisi, London

Look at the size of that dining table – we think it should just about fit your entire family. We love that it looks out to the leafy garden, too.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10 

Kipling’s Tales, Paris

Chandelier? Check. Glass ceiling? Check. Indoor parasols? Check. Kipling’s Tales is more than a little eccentric. And we like it.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

Las Cornisas, Barcelona

A dining table fit for a splendid banquet, or your family’s morning orange juice and toast – entirely your choice.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

The Vineyard, NYC

We wouldn’t say no to snuggling up by this fire – the perfect cosy spot for an evening in with the family.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

The Essex Arms, LA

You could feed an army in this kitchen. Although, that’s exactly what you need when you’re cooking for the whole family. Are we right?

4 bedrooms, sleeps 9

Olympic Games, LA

Have you ever seen a more complimentary and stylish pool table? Fun and aesthetically pleasing. We approve!

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

Rituals, Tel Aviv

There’s no denying that Rituals has a killer view. The ideal spot for a family meal? We think so.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

Spark Joy, Berlin

Ok, so this isn’t the most sophisticated home on the list, but it would be ideal for families with small children.

4 bedrooms, sleeps 8

Concrete Miracle, Tel Aviv

Concrete Miracle has room aplenty – we think that sofa should just about fit everyone, and the family dog too.

4 bedrooms, sleeps 9

The Pavilion, Rome

If your family likes to dine in style, then feast your eyes on thisdining room. Fabulous? Most definitely.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

Wonderland, NYC

Where do we even start with Wonderland? It doesn’t get much kookier than this. If your family gatherings can get a little wild, this home might be the perfect fit.

5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

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