A Heart-throb Home in Hackney

And making its debut as Home of the Week is...


Our Home Critics have yet again had another busy week of critiquing. It got off to a flying start with over-analysing our Home of the Week longlist, which then turned into over-analysing the shortlist (in even greater detail). But, alas, they’ve finally reached their verdict, and, boy oh boy, is it a good one. Nothing new there, then…

This week’s winner is a Hackney heart-throb brimming with character. Keep reading to find out why The Debut has been crowned by our Home Critics this week.

The Distinctive Architecture

Firstly, we should highlight that The Debut was shortlisted for RIBA’s House of the Year. No doubt the asymmetric architecture of its shell played a part in this noteworthy nomination. The home’s angled facade immediately sets it apart from everything else along the street (and presumably everything else within the borough too).

The two-tiered living area

The expansive living space was an instant hit amongst our Home Critics, which really shines thanks to the natural light it draws in. It would be rude not to host a dinner party in the kitchen area, with its professional appliances and large dining table. And do feel free to invite us to that dinner, by the way. We love Italian cuisine… Southern Italian in particular.

The secluded outdoor space

It’s pretty rare to find a decent outdoor space in London, not to mention one that’s a) big enough to enjoy and b) nice enough to want to enjoy. So, that’s why our Home Critics adored The Debut’s patio space. The high concrete walls offer a real sense of privacy, making it the perfect place to unwind without any nosy neighbours peering over.

The eclectic elements of art and design

From the Art Deco Marcel Breuer lamps upstairs to the bright red sculpted cactus in the kitchen, we were captivated by The Debut’s quirkiness. Things that might not work anywhere else come together perfectly here, and we love it.

So there we go, The Debut wins our hearts this week. Now, I’d better go, next week's longlist isn't going to prepare itself.

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