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Say Hello to Sunset Boulevard

A Californian dream close to Caledonian Road? Yes, you heard us.


Now, our Home Critics don’t usually like to admit this (they insist that every decision they make is even more painstaking than the last), but I have it on good authority that today’s Home of the Week was an incredibly easy choice. I know, it is rather shocking to hear, but keep reading and it’ll all make sense. 

Sunset Boulevard might be in the heart of Islington, but Peter Mikic’s carefully curated design will have you feeling like you’re in LA. Here are just some of our Home Critics’ highlights.

The Focus on Art

Why go to a public art gallery with an inflated entrance fee and the (sigh) general public when you can enjoy it all from home? There’s Jeff Koons in the living space, Jonas Wood in the hallway, Tracey Emin in the bedroom, and plenty of others along the way. 

The Curated Details

Where to start? Firstly, the TV sits on an easel, which we think is a positively brilliant idea. Televisions are an absolute eyesore so any effort to make them look good gets a nod of approval from us. There’s also a self-playing piano. Another stroke of brilliance. All that’s missing is a self-filling wine glass and we’ll have discovered utopia. 

The Spanish Marble

The marble throughout the kitchen was transported from Spain as one giant block. We dread to imagine the transportation logistics of that (it must’ve been one costly carry-on) but it certainly beats a fridge magnet as a souvenir. 

The Kaleidoscopic Colour

There’s no need to choose a colour scheme when you can have them all. The living area reminds us of why we loved kaleidoscopes as children and the Moorish blue walls are quite something too. 

The Garden Space

Leading out from a set of floor-to-ceiling Crittall doors is this expansive garden area. If it can look this good on a grey day, just imagine what it would look like under a bit of sun (hint: even better).

When our Home of the Week can make even the harshest of Home Critics break out into a smile, that’s when you know it’s a good one. Next week’s homes have some rather big (and brightly-coloured) shoes to fill.

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