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Plum Guide's Homes of the Year 2019

Let's save the planet, so we can stay in the best homes on it


Time Magazine bestowed their prestigious Person of the Year award to Greta Thunberg - a 16 year old that is single-handedly altering how we look at climate change. I knew that to make this planet a better place, then I too, also had to contribute somehow. Even though my passion differs slightly to Greta’s, an important cause is an important cause, and I believe together we can make a difference. I am not looking for any accolades for my work, that’s not why I do it. That said, I have always pictured myself on that front cover, I mean, I AM a person, and 2020 IS a year… anyway I digress, my way to better the world, and in turn your life, is a simple list. A list of my favourite homes of the year. These properties are some of the finest this planet has to offer, so please, let’s keep it one piece shall we? 

Mottisfont Hall, London

A four-poster bed in one of the eight!?! bedrooms, ornate decor throughout, a huge garden, an insanely beautiful ceiling and much more, and all in close proximity to Buckingham Palace - which you may not need to even bother visiting after staying here.

Portrait of an Artist, NYC

The late, great Notorious BIG once rhetorically rapped ‘where Brooklyn at?’ repeatedly. He knew where Brooklyn was, but I feel like I should answer him anyway. Christopher, Brooklyn is right here. With a huge private terrace, a plethora of art, exposed brick walls and a central location this Brooklyn pad will hypnotise you.

“Notre… damn! This place is perfect!” Overlooking France’s most famous, outstanding and historic landmark, this large, art-filled home most definitely has the wow factor.

The Beacon, LA

If you want to film a music video, become an Instagram influencer (please don’t) or simply get the greatest holiday photos of all time, this Malibu mansion is for you. Enormous outdoor area, views to die for and a home that won’t disappoint in any way. 

Las Cornisas, Barcelona

When you have Ed Sheeran, Freddie Mercury, and George Ezra backing your city with their lyrics, you know you’re onto a winner. Barcelona is known for Gaudi’s architecture, hot summers and, well, opulent 5 bedroom homes decorated with luxurious fixtures and fittings. 

Cactus Culture, Tel Aviv

When you think of a huge green cactus, Tel Aviv is not the first place that springs to mind. Although this spacious Israel home features exactly that - a whopping great cactus as a feature of the lounge. That is not the only feature though, step outside and you’ll be on a large terrace that is big enough to seat all your friends and family for al fresco dining - and then hop in jacuzzi for dessert. 

Triumph, Rome

I’m not sure who ‘they’ are exactly , but I do know they always say ‘when in Rome…’ which roughly means that you should live like the locals. Well luckily for you this particular local lives like a king, surrounded by marble, elaborate decorative ceilings and gorgeous Italian design.

Gabilano, Milan

A huge bucking horse, multiple other sculptures and ornately carved furniture adorn this classic Italian property. Not only that, but the floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to view the outdoor area that is so rare in Milan. This is neigh one to be missed. Giddy up and book this one quickly. 

Sister Act, Lisbon

With hand-carved seats that more closely resemble thrones than typical dining room chairs, and a collection of artwork that would make the local museums envious, this Lisbon home is one you won’t want to miss. Stay here, and carve out your own piece of history.

Cornucopia, Madrid

The stain in Spain stays mainly in the… window.  Although not as catchy as the original song, this fair lady, Cornucopia and her striking stained-glass window is a secret central Madrid gem. Relax on the caterpillar style chaise lounge and praise yourself for making such a great homestay choice.

Novella, Berlin

If indoor house plants provide better air quality, then you’ll be breathing the freshest air imaginable in this Berlin loft. Add to that a bright atmosphere created by the skylights above and you’ll feel like you are living outside in the jungle, all without the problems of rain and pesky wildlife interrupting your sleep.

Choir Song, Copenhagen

Turquoise… Turquoise?! Turquoise is one of those words that however many times you write it, it still looks wrong. What a strange word it is. Turquoise. Anyway, this luxury Copenhagen home, that once used to be a parish hall, is themed with, yes, you guessed it, Turquoise. So, if you love turquoise then you’ll love this place. That said, those with a fear of turquoise should keep their distance. Turquoise… I still am not sure if that is spelled correctly.

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