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How to Style Your Home This Festive Season

'Tis the season...to decorate your home in all things festive and fabulous


Christmas wreath on a home's door

We can probably all agree that never before have we needed Christmas like we do this year. We all know dressing your house for Christmas sparks that uplifting festive feeling, so this year feels like the right time to go all out and really decorate to impress (even if your household will be the only one to see it).

Over the years, styling your home for Christmas has become quite a thing – a statement of personal style, if you like. There are so many ways you can decorate your home without looking like your tree has come straight from the 1980s, drowning in tinsel. Today's choice of decorations has become far more sophisticated and you can even coordinate them to your current décor. Gone are the days of standard red, green and gold garish options (thank goodness if you ask us here at Plum Guide). So, without further ado, let's take a look at just how to make your home look both festive and fabulous this year.


Are you team real or team fake? Either way, styling your tree is such a personal choice. It all starts with the colour scheme, of which there are so many options. Stick with traditional, opt for just one colour or bring in every colour of the rainbow... If your style is loud and proud, choose a fake tree in any shade of the colour wheel and add decorations until you can’t see the branches. Think repurposed or vintage baubles, the more unique the better. Or if you'd prefer to keep it minimal, opt for a classic Norwegian Spruce and add some Scandi-inspired decorations in wood and neutral tones for a more subtle, stylish look.

Christmas tree with rocking horse and other decorations

Christmas tree with rocking horse and other decorations


If you don’t have a door wreath then you're not doing Christmas right. Especially now that there are so many gorgeous options available, ranging from budget-friendly to more luxe and high end. If you don’t fancy a pre bought wreath, how about having one personally made for you? Or even better, give it a go yourself. Personalise your wreath using foraged greenery, some dried oranges, holly and cinnamon sticks for a truly authentic display. Add some ribbons or a bow too. The less perfect the better, go for the rustic style and really make this your own. And wreaths don’t just have to sit on your front door. You can hang them somewhere in your home. They make for a stunning alternative to some of the more standard in-house Christmas decorations.

Green door with a Christmas wreath

Green door with a Christmas wreath

Advent Calendar

Not just for kids, advent calendars are another way of getting creative and adding more festive cheer to your décor. There are so many different ways to approach this age old tradition of counting down the days, from amazing luxury store versions (we're looking at you, Liberty) to inventive DIY options that can be reused year after year. And with the latter, you get to choose what's added to the calendar. Your favourite chocolates, sweets or small treats? Decisions, decisions...

Advent calendar

Advent calendar


We all know that one neighbour who must spend a fortune on their electricity bill throughout the month of December, but you don’t have to follow suit. Some understated festoon lights strategically placed across the front of your house can be enough. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a tree outside your house, adorn it with fairy lights. Think simple but effective.

Scented Candles

It’s not Christmas without the scent of oranges, ginger and cinnamon floating through the air. The aroma of Christmas is what makes the home feel more festive. Invest in a high-quality scented candle if you can and you will notice that Christmassy scent every time to walk through the door. This is especially crucial for those of you who have opted for the faux tree this year. Remember Christmas is a feast for the senses, from eye-watering lights and decorations galore to mouth-watering food and, indeed, those Christmas fragrances.

Christmas candle and pine cones

Christmas candle and pine cones

Modern Christmas decorations

Often used now for Christmas decorations are the mighty tissue paper pom poms. Find them in any colour, size and shape. Tie them around the bannister with greenery to create a fab entrance or hallway statement. Create a stunning display on your ceiling above the dining table for the ultimate Christmas dinner wow factor. Or you could even place some larger pom poms around the base of your tree and use smaller ones on it for a more alternative decorating option.

So, what's the key to the most stylish home for Christmas, you ask? Just decorate for yourself and opt for whatever brings you and your loved ones joy. Whether you think less is more, or rather more is more, follow what your festive heart desires. Merry Christmas from us here at Plum Guide.

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