It's Official: These Are the Best Fishing Lodge Holidays

Are you angling for a fishing trip? Here's a look at some of the best destinations to catch your fill.


Boat on water with fishing rods

Where there’s water, there are fishing opportunities. That may sound like the kind of wisdom that comes from a fortune cookie, but it’s actually something vague and somewhat fallacious we just made up. But we have amassed an expertise in travel all things travel, so we here at Plum Guide know a thing or two about where you’ll find some top notch fishing lodging holidays.

So, what follows is a comprehensive list of some of the best and most-surprising places for fishing lodge holidays in the world. From Los Angeles and Lisbon to Cornwall and Tel Aviv, we’ll guide you on what to expect, where to set up your gear and what kind of fish to expect.


It may be an urban metropolis, but this business and transportation hub is surprisingly leafy and dotted with plenty of places to set up your fishing lodging holidays. Get yourself a lodge or a Plum home like Fitzclapham, near Clapham in South London and go fishing for carp, perch, bream and roach in the Clapham Common Ponds. On the northern side of the city, you’ll find more than 30 ponds on Hampstead Heath. Pick up some pike and perch, as well as other fish that didn’t fit with the alliteration of that sentence clause. Other top fishing spots include Birchmere Lake, Shadwells Pool and the Walthamstow Reservoirs.

Fitzclapham, Plum Guide home in Clapham, London

Fitzclapham, Plum Guide home in Clapham, London


Whether you're looking for river or sea fishing, you'll find plenty of options in Devon – a hotspot for fishing holidays. Try a sea fishing trip in Appledore, Exmouth or Brixham or head to the river for some fly fishing instead. Alternatively, wander around any of Devon's coastline and find yourself the evening's supper of a tasty bass or two. Didn't manage to catch anything? Fear not, there are plenty of great seafood restaurants around the Devon coast for you to enjoy instead.


Ah, the Norfolk Broads. The 125-mile long waterway didn’t really need rebranding to the Magical Waterlands and Nature Reserve (ooh so snappy) but it has a ring to it, we suppose. A long-time favourite of fishing folk, and with good reason. Try your hand at catching one of the incredible variety of fish that can be found in the area: eel, carp, eel, rudd, bream, roach, perch pike and more. The north of the county has six blue flag beaches alone, so you know the sand and surf are going to be good.

The Steward's Hideaway, Plum Guide home in Norfolk

The Steward's Hideaway, Plum Guide home in Norfolk


Let’s just hope the fish keep on Dublin and Dublin in size and quantity. You can have that one for free. Angle for brown trout in the Delvin River or try fly fishing with Gormanston & District Anglers. Take out a charter service with the Double or Quits operator in Howth. Walk from Malahide down to the Portmarnock Beach to enjoy the coastal views and forget about fishing for just one darn minute. And then whip that old rod back out and get angling on the Velvet Strand. Here be bass, dogfish and codling, which is unnecessary fishing speak for cod.


Admit it. You always wanted to be a pirate. Well, Cornwall had very real smuggling problems back in the day. Now, it’s far more peaceful and the whole family can relax in the quaint harbours of Mevagissey, St Ives and Padstow, safe in the knowledge that the bounty you catch is yours to keep. There aren’t many better places in the British Isles for fishing lodge holidays, and you’ll want to check out the Eden Project while you’re down there.

The coast of Cornwall, England, UK cliffs sea green blue

The coast of Cornwall, England, UK

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