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Take a Trip, Take a Class Too

Pick up a new skill on your next city break. Here are a few of London's best masterclasses.


If this year is all about self-improvement for you (that’s not to say you’re anything less than fabulous already, of course), then keep reading. Perhaps your goal is to redecorate your home, to get that promotion at work, or maybe to learn a new skill. If the latter is more to your liking, why not use your next holiday as the chance to do just that? More and more of us are using our trips and holidays as perfect opportunities to develop a new craft, which we think is a jolly good idea. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing more rewarding than returning home from a holiday feeling not only more refreshed but more refined too. 

Pottery Classes at The Kiln Rooms

If you fancy some new crockery for the kitchen, then it's time to experiment with a bit of DIY pottery at The Kiln Rooms. Classes start from day-long taster sessions for those simply wanting to try their hand at the craft. But, fear not, practiced potters, there are more advanced twelve-week courses for you lot too.


Floral Masterclasses at The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers

The word ‘academy’ might sound rather scholarly, but, trust us, these classes are a lot more enjoyable than those dreaded algebra lessons at school. From traditional table arrangements and hand-tied bouquets to more contemporary design and floral-crown-making classes, there’s something for everyone. (Well, maybe not everyone but you get the gist…) And can we just reiterate, there are floral-crown-making classes – how marvellous!


Wine School at Berry Bros. & Rudd

If you want to be the wine aficionado at your next dinner party, with the ability to sniff your Malbec from your Merlot, then sign yourself up for a day of education at none other than Berry Bros. & Rudd. This famed institution of all things fermented-grape is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two. You’ll spend the morning tasting wines, exploring everything from the terroirs to tannins of a grape. Then, after gathering an appetite (for a good glass of red more than anything else), there’s a four-course pairing lunch too. Where can we sign up?


Candle Making Workshops at Earl of East

Don’t we all love candles, but don’t we all detest just how horrendously expensive they are? Yes, a soothing scent makes a house a home, but it makes quite the dent in a wallet too. Take matters into your own hands instead at an Earl of East workshop. Granted, it will probably cost as much as it would to buy a candle, but there’s a new skill and a glass of Prosecco included in the price too. A bargain if you ask us.


Creative Masterclasses at Carousel

If you can’t decide on what skill to learn, then Carousel is sure to inspire. This creative hub is best known for its global chefs’ residencies, but it’s also a lauded exhibition and workshop space. Think pasta making, food photography, the art of pickling and even wildlife drawing. You never know, it could uncover that talent you never knew you had…


And finally, with all this talk of skills, we thought we’d bring ours into the conversation: selecting only the very best homes for you, of course! Take a look at our top picks close to the London workshops above.

There you go – that's our selection of London's best workshops and masterclasses. So when you’re next exploring a new neighbourhood, try exploring a new skill too.

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