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London Rooftops to watch the NYE fireworks from

Rise above the crowds this NYE.


Stuck in the middle of a crowd, nose about to drop off, desperate for a wee, view obscured by a pair of neon flashing head boppers – not this year. Enjoy the NYE fireworks from the comfort of your own rooftop, or jacuzzi if you’re going by this list.

For those who can barely make it to midnight on NYE, we raise you this rooftop. Watch the fireworks from a horizontal position, no one’s judging here.

Regal Heights II, London

So, this rooftop couldn’t be mistaken for Radio Rooftop Bar, but it’s not a bad spot to watch the fireworks with friends.

The Ivory Tower, London

Admittedly, you’ll only be able to see fireworks going off directly above you (on account of the walls), but at least it’s private.

Palace View Penthouse, London

This little number might be low-key, but it has a killer location.

Russell the Great, London

The best way to convince your friends that you’re cool and cultured? With an edgy surrealist mural, of course.

The High View, London

With that view, there are bound to be a few firework displays to pit against each other.

Style and Substance, London

We realise this isn’t technically a rooftop, but it is the perfect way to enjoy fireworks without freezing your feet off.

You won’t have to drag yourself and your food baby far to watch the fireworks after dinner from this rooftop. Ideal scenario.

Peter the Great, London

The view could be worse, we suppose.

High Holborn, London

Finally, a bit of greenery. A few potted plants isn’t too much of an ask, is it?

The Western Perchoir, London

NYE jacuzzi party anyone? Don’t mind if we do.

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