Ranked: Our home critic's favourite homes in New York City

They’re experts for a reason, with over 900 homes in our collection, they’ve seen it all. Here are their favourite fifteen New York homes ranked.

We all like to gawk sometimes, especially when it comes to interiors. Lucky for you, there's no need to scroll through New York's vast collection of homes. Our home critic has chosen their top fifteen. Let us know if you agree or not. 

15. Norwegian Wood 

Number Fifteen on our list is the minimalist Norwegian Wood. Embodying an iconic scandi-inspired look, this home is calming in nature, and functional in design.

14. An Affair to Remember

While it is only a studio apartment, An Affair To Remember might just be the sweetest studio we’ve ever seen. We could definitely see a Carrie Bradshaw living here.

13. The Sanctuary

This former church is so groovy, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ll give you a general idea – every bedroom has its own impressive bath tub, there’s a swing in the kitchen, exposed brick walls are customary and there’s even an outdoor hot tub on the terrace. Wait, there’s also a sauna. Boom!

12. Professor Plum

Ideally, we’d like to move right in to this stunning brownstone in Midtown. But since that’s not an option, we’ll just let you drool over the splendid living room and its magnificent chaise lounge.

11. Kavalier & Clay

Large windows, clean lines, natural woods, and soothing colours make this a home we can’t get enough of.

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We’re into the top ten, and what have we got for you? 

10. Quincy Calm

Bed-Stuy’s very own Quincy Calm. This industrial-chic home is decked out with vibrant (and sometimes provocative) photography and impressive architectural features - check out those crittall windows in the background.

9. Nine Lives

In ninth place? None other than Nine Lives – jam-packed with unique and extraordinary collector’s items, this home couldn’t be bolder if it tried. Guess what? We love it.

8. Bowie & Friends

“There's a starman waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us. But he thinks he'd blow our minds."

Correct! This jaw-dropping, warehouse-inspired, and David Bowie-postered home has absolutely blown our minds. Can we move in already? Of course, Bowie & Friends is in uber-cool Williamsburg – what else is new? 

7. Wonderland

We’ve seen a fair few converted churches, but we’ve never seen anything like Wonderland. The original architecture has been perfectly preserved, including the gallery, which now houses bohemian seating and funky artwork. Filled with trinkets from all over the world, to say this home is one-of-a-kind would be an understatement.

6. The Red Pipe Loft

Reminiscent of a trendy start-up, this home doesn’t actually house any future tech-giants, just a tonne of space, exposed brick, and those loft windows we love and adore. What could be more New York than this?


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5. Trestle Nest

Spectacular from start to finish, this shabby chic home is a strong contender at number five. While it is on the small side, Trestle Nest is brimming with endless character.

We love the natural colour scheme, which allows the apartment’s original architectural features to stand out and shine.  

4. The Yellow Smokestack

Envy is really the only word that comes to mind when we think about The Yellow Smokestack...envy... and gratitude that homes like this exist for us to swoon over.

Wow, we’ve made it to our top three. 

3. The Living Loft

The Living Loft is a minimalist haven decked out with our favourite accessory – plants on plants on plants on plants. Not only do plants look stunning and bring any home to life, they are said to have all sorts of powers, like reducing stress and anxiety, helping with sleep, and increasing productivity.

2. Portrait of an Artist

In second place is the spectacular Portrait of an Artist. This home is a prime example of a seamless integration of old and new – modern, molded armchairs (designed in Italy) sit comfortably next to the evocative brick walls that are so quintessentially New York. We love everything about this space.

Drumroll please




1. Pent Up

Whether or not this is your style, there is no denying that waking up to a direct view of the iconic Chrysler building is the most energising way to start the day. Plus, this penthouse’s living area is as glamorous as they come.

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