Our Favourite Ideas for a Kid's Birthday Party in Edinburgh

Worried about how to celebrate a little one's birthday while away in the Scottish capital? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled all the best ideas so you don’t have to.


Victoria Street, just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile

Unfortunately you haven’t been able to ditch the kids and make off for your solo trip/romantic getaway/friends reunion. You are celebrating their birthday, after all. Never mind, we’ve identified the best ways to celebrate a kid's birthday party in Edinburgh. From crafting activities to paying a visit to the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry, take a look at what we’ve got planned to keep even the most stubborn of children entertained on their birthday. Book yourself a stay in one of our expertly chosen Plum Guide homes, and get ready to become a big kid all over again yourself too.

Harry Potter tour

Have you ever wondered what all those adults (and some children) were doing while wandering around Edinburgh wearing cloaks and shouting ‘expelliarmus!’ with their wands (sticks) pointing accusingly at cars? Well, now you know. Welcome to the Harry Potter walking tour. Take your pick from a litany of options on offer and visit the gravestones whose names bear the same as those featured in JK Rowling's books, as well as the cafes she used to write in and the many locations around the city which inspired her. Many tour guides are out-of-work actors and do a fabulous job of keeping children entertained. Most come offering props such as capes or wands to help you get into character. You never know, you may even enjoy yourself while celebrating a kid's birthday party in Edinburgh. Who'd have thought?

Much of Edinburgh's architecture inspired the Harry Potter Books, balmoral hotel, north bridge

Much of Edinburgh's architecture inspired the Harry Potter Books | Image courtesy of The City of Edinburgh Council

Royal Yacht Britannia

This five-star attraction has something for everyone. For almost 50 years the huge Royal Yacht Britannia served the Royal Family and travelled more than a million nautical miles to become one of the most famous of all ships in the world. Queen Elizabeth II has welcomed glittering state visits, Royal receptions, honeymoons and family holidays. Featuring a dedicated crew of 220 Royal Yachtsmen, the majestic ship is an emblem of decadence. Well, perhaps not for the 220 seamen, but that’s by the by. Look closely and you’ll be able to spot that the Royal couple slept in separate beds - even then. Make sure you don’t leave without grabbing a cup of tea on the Royal Deck tearoom. If you’re visiting the ship to celebrate a kid's birthday party in Edinburgh, then make sure to entertain all those under the age of 13 by tasking them with the following: all the clocks on board remain stopped at 3:01pm. The exact time H.M. The Queen was piped ashore for the final time during the decommissioning ceremony. Can they spot all the clocks that show this?

Crafting birthday party at Dynamic Earth

Situated near the Scottish Parliament and beneath the famous Arthur’s Seat, Dynamic Earth is sure to satisfy even the most hard-to-please of children. The visitor attraction tells the story of the planet Earth and offers a host of activities to keep kids entertained. The state-of-the-art family attraction takes visitors through history from the Big Bang to modern day, and even features a planetarium. You can even opt for a ‘crafting party package’ in which kids tour the science centre before making such useful things as a slime lab. The centre even offers goodie bags and snacks so you don’t need to bother worrying about all the details. Marvellous.

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh | Photo: John Mason / Flickr

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh | Photo: John Mason / Flickr

Climb Arthur’s Seat

The ancient volcano is Holyrood Park’s highest point. The historic site sits 251m above sea level giving great views of the city. The site is also one of four hill forts dating from around 2000 years ago. Thanks to its diverse range of flora and geology, it is also a site of Special Scientific Interest. And why exactly is it called Arthur's Seat? Just how and why this ancient lump of rock came to be known as Arthur's Seat is a legend shrouded in mystery. Some say it was a possible location for they lost city of Camelot, King Arthur's legendary castle. Other reasons are far less interesting, so we shalln’t bother to recall them.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

Welcome to Camera Obsucra, a world of illusion, wonder and delight – great for a kid's birthday party in Edinburgh. The immersive space works with artists, inventors and technical wizards to create mind blowing illusions. Situated just a stone’s throw from Edinburgh Castle and featuring more than five floors and over 100 interactive, hands-on exhibits, it has something to entertain all ages. It’s perfect for travelling to Edinburgh to celebrate a kids birthday party. Test your brain - and theirs - against mind-bending illusions.

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